Alapahoochee (Grand Bay Canal) - GA SR 135 in Echols Co. to Fla SR 150 on the Alapaha

Alapahoochee (Grand Bay Canal), Florida, US/Georgia, US


GA SR 135 in Echols Co. to Fla SR 150 on the Alapaha

Usual Difficulty II (varies with level)
Length 4.5 Miles

Lower Electric Line Rapid

Lower Electric Line Rapid
Photo taken 03/22/11

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02317620 63.50 - 75.00 ft I(II) 01h22m ~ 70.77 ft (running)
Very boatable. Should be sufficient water for rapids to be good. We need your input about when rapids 'washes out' (recommended 'max'). Reference gauge is well downstream of rapids, on larger river, thus provides only general indication of likely flows for this reach.

River Description

Runnable nearly all year, this section is swift with few obstuctions. The rapid occurs about .5 miles below the abandoned bridge halfway into the run. At low water there are two distinct sets of Class II drops. As the water level rises, the two drops merge into one ledge/wavetrain.

Downstream, just above the confluence with the Alapaha, look for Turket Creek entering on the right. At low levels this is a 12' waterfall into a beautiful grotto. At high levels (heavy local rains) this drop turns into a pretty radical Class III-IV creeky double drop.

Thanks to Dan Webb for this description.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Electric Line RapidsIIPlayspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Electric Line Rapids (Class II)

Upper Electric Line Rapid

Upper Electric Line Rapid
Photo by Don Kelly taken 03/22/11

Zooming in on the satellite view, one can almost make out something possibly resembling a ledge. At low/runnable flows, ther are two distinct ledges. At higher flows, they will run together into a wave train.

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April 5 2011 (2848 days ago)
Donald M. KellyDetails
The two rapids are where electric lines cross the river and are marginal Class II rapids. The trip
from SR 135 to the Alapaha only takes about 1.5 hours of easy paddling, so the trip may be less
than 4.5 miles. This river has no USGS or other gauges, but the Alapaha, into which it flows and
which it parallels, does. The correlation obviously has weakness since the Alapaha has a much
larger drainage, but the rapids on the Alapahoochee will likely be uninteresting when the Alapaha
gauge near Jennings is below 63.5'.