Caesar Creek - Caesar Creek Lake to Little Miami River

Caesar Creek, Ohio, US


Caesar Creek Lake to Little Miami River

Usual Difficulty II (varies with level)
Length 2.8 Miles

surfin' in the cold

surfin' in the cold
Photo by Ron M

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Caesar Creek near Wellman OH
usgs-03242350 6.50 - 10.00 ft I(II) 01h28m 6.21 ft (too low)
Low, bump-and-scrape. Flow is regulated by dam immediately above putin/gauge location (239 sq.mi. drainage).

River Description

Gwen English provides (2004-08-30 11:50:19):

To the putin: From Waynesville, take Route 73 east, crossing Route 42. Turn right onto Clarksville Road, turn right into the "gorge". If you cross over the dam, you've gone too far.

From the putin to the takeout: Come back up out of the "gorge", turn left onto Clarksville Road, turn left onto Middletown Road (before you get back to Route 73)and follow it down the hill where it dead-ends at Corwin Road. Turn left onto Corwin Road. After crossing Caesar Creek (the bridge is the takeout), turn left into a park/parking area and park there.

I would call this no more than a low class II, but it is a fun run. The only thing to watch out for is possible strainers and low-hanging branches.

Low water runs are possible at a little over 6' on the gauge at which the river is an easy class 2. There is some easy play and quit a few good spots for beginner whitewater boaters to practice ferries, eddy turns, and such. At higher levels (9'+) many of the features wash out and some decent sized wave trains appear. At flood levels even the wave trains start to wash out and thoughts of swimming start to look pretty ugly due to the push of water into the trees.

Be careful of strainers especially near the take out bridge.

Scenery is quite nice through the entire run and the water quality is decent as it spills from the bottom of Caesar Creek lake. You'll see lots of fishermen on low water days so please give them room. Typically they are only on the first and last 1/2 mile or so of the river.
Ron Metzger (5/15/19)

The following video shows a typical run of this stretch at 7.5 feet on the gauge, a good level for easy play.

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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August 17 2016 (881 days ago)
Ron MetzgerDetails
All clear at mid 7ish feet, some strainers partially restricting lines but none fully blocking
June 18 2016 (941 days ago)
gkarjala (157749)
Correction to my report 6/12/16, water level was 6.5 ft. No small detail as it would not be
runnable @ 1 ft. lower.
June 12 2016 (947 days ago)
gkarjala (157749)
Made PFD today ( 6/12/16) @ 5.5 ft. in Katana, Axis, OT Trip 10 loaded for afternoon paddle. Had no
problems w/ wood. Didn't portage or wade. Watch for boulders. scout on fly, our lines good but @
higher levels I'd say when in doubt, scout. it's a gorge. We're not very experienced but enjoyed it
a lot. Def no Ca-Brew or what-ever they call it. Bring a pole, the fishing has to be awesome.
You'll have it to yourself. Be safe and respect it, these my parts. Remember, you're on your own
for all three miles of it, but extra innings can be had out on the Lil Miami. hit me up if you
April 19 2011 (2828 days ago)
whipit (152013)
Put-In Access Rd GPS - N 39.489640 W 84.06221 Take Out GPS - N 39.49299 W 84.10167 ^-- Take out is
on SW side of bridge, walk SE across bike path & Bridge back to parking lot (20yds) - Per request
of park rangers, please don't use the East bank next to the parking lot - it's a nature sanctuary.
Water flows nicely with very few issues, ran it 4x in last week @ 8.5ft - it's a quick run but
easily doable twice in 2/2.5hrs
April 14 2011 (2833 days ago)
Scott PuthoffDetails
At 8.7 feet, the two main rapids of the run are good. Also, if you have a playboat, bring it along.
After the second big rapid, there are a couple islands. The normal line around the first is always
to the right, but the second, the line is usually to the left. However, if you run the second
island to the right, there are a couple boulders, the second of which forms a great eddy line for
squirts and plowing enders. Depth is pretty good as well. Just check the depth before you start
flipping to make sure you are bumping your head.
February 20 2011 (2886 days ago)
Scott PuthoffDetails
For video of this run: Level was 7.5 feet on the gauge,
a good level for easy play.