Bear Creek - Trailside/Bitterroots

Bear Creek, Montana, US



Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 270 fpm
Max Gradient 480 fpm

Tijuana Crack Whore

Tijuana Crack Whore
Photo of David Schroeder by Frouny taken 05/23/04 @ medium

River Description

Bear Creek looks pretty mellow at the trailhead, but it soon picks up gradient about a mile up the trail. The trail comes back to the creek near a very large, unnerving drop that I believe is called Brave Bear Falls. You will know this one when you see it... slide to ledge to slide to pillow to ledge etc. etc.... There are many great slides and drops above and below this point. It is very fast and very busy. There are several bad log spots and great care must be taken to ensure safety on Bear Creek. The slides are awesome and not overly technical, but require steady nerves due to the back to back nature of this run. Scout thoroughly and take nothing blind..... It is a beautiful area and there are many sweet, clean drops to be had. This is a solid class V section requiring an experienced crew focused on safety to bring out the joy... If you got that goin' on, don't miss this one. Have fun.

You can find Bear Creek off of Hwy 93 south of Missoula. As you are heading south, you will see the drainages off to your right. After passing Kootenai Creek, keep rolling past a few more creeks until you cross over the North and South Forks of Bear Creek. Remember, you don't need much water up there, so don't be put off at the 93 bridge. Follow the signs up Bear Creek Road (well marked) to the trailhead and start the two-mile hike. Just before you get to the trailhead, you will come around a corner and see the creek below on the right. This is a good spot to try to figure the flow....
Lat/longitude coordinates are approximate, from online maps.

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Buried in Brave Bear

Detail Trip Report  Buried in Brave Bear  Bear Creek, MT(959.59KB .jpeg)

More Brave Bear

Detail Trip Report  More Brave Bear  Bear Creek, MT(1.32MB .jpeg)

Bear Boof

Detail Trip Report  Bear Boof  Bear Creek, MT(920.90KB .jpeg)

Tijuana Crack Whore

Detail Trip Report  Tijuana Crack Whore  Bear Creek, MT(104.90KB .jpeg)

Tijuana Crack Whore

Detail Trip Report  Tijuana Crack Whore  Bear Creek, MT(18.75KB .jpeg)

Enter the Crack Whore

Detail Trip Report  Enter the Crack Whore  Bear Creek, MT(20.09KB .jpeg)

Lofty above Brave Bear Falls

Detail Trip Report  Lofty above Brave Bear Falls  Bear Creek, MT(21.40KB .jpeg)

Unknown V

Detail Trip Report  Unknown V  Bear Creek, MT(21.70KB .jpeg)

Unknown Drop on Bear Creek

Detail Trip Report  Unknown Drop on Bear Creek  Bear Creek, MT(38.98KB .jpeg)

Chad turned around in the Whore

Detail Trip Report  Chad turned around in the Whore  Bear Creek, mt(118.42KB .jpeg)

Schroeder on the pile

Detail Trip Report  Schroeder on the pile  Bear Creek, mt(58.57KB .jpeg)

Against the Wall

Detail Trip Report  Against the Wall  Bear Creek, mt(114.60KB .jpeg)

1st drop on Brave Bear

Detail Trip Report  1st drop on Brave Bear  Bear Creek, mt(70.99KB .jpeg)



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 Trailside/Bitterroots, Bear Creek Montana, US (mobile)