Silver Creek, S. Fork - Atherton Flat to Ice House Reservoir

Silver Creek, S. Fork, California, US


Atherton Flat to Ice House Reservoir

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 430 fpm
Max Gradient 600 fpm

South Silver

South Silver
Photo by Eric Henrickson taken 05/15/05 @ Too High

River Description

"It wasn't until I heard the terms '650 ft/mile' and 'good to go' in the same sentence that my eyes lit right up!"
"Ever run a 350 ft. long slide?"    So asks Matthew Gontram in the Jan/Feb, 2001, issue of American Whitewater.   Some amazing pictures in that story, too.

More descriptions and photos of this run can be found on several excellent webpages and blogs. See:

Kim and Geoff  photos
For a video of this run from Bobby Miller's 2005 trip, go to  South Silver runs from 5:36 to 6:54.


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June 30 2003 (5680 days ago)
Red Bull South Silver 'Race' Report New
Forum: BoaterTalk
Date: Jun 29 2003, 7:18 GMT
From: clayw

Only in California!! Big trees, 100 degree temps, and white granite slanting 720 feet per mile!
Sicko spot, much easier than you'de think, and only one portage. S Silver is a gem.

But to race it? Of course. Red Bull stepped up to the challenge once again and helped Robbie Hogge
- the mayor of Coloma, CA - organize the first race on this amazing course.

First thing done right - shortened the race to only the steepest section. Starting right above the
'teacups' under the Red Bull Arch, and down thru Skyscraper and finishing off in the pool above the
'portage'. You could see the whole thing from high on the rivr right bank.

2nd - started EARLY: like 10 AM? While I thought it ridiculous the CA sun is too hot to linger all
day, and a beautiful lake full of warm water awaits downstream.

3rd: he raced - and got 3rd. Congrats!

Results: 1. Steve Fisher 2. Bryan Kirk 3. Robbie Hogge 4. Jimmy Blakeney 5. Clay Wright 6. Andre
Spino-smith 7. . .
Uhh - the party was REALLY good afterwards, so parndon my lack of the rest. I do know Shannon
Carrol was 9th and there were around 20 racers.

Highlights :
For me, onsighting the course made this one quite a heart-stopper. Tought to paddle hard into
Skyscraper when you aren't real sure what's down there!

The carnage: not quite Green-race epic but some upside-down Skyscraper runs kept everyone on their
toes. The action heated up downstream in the runout, with one swim and numerous pins on the
ultra-technical bouldergardens and ledge drops to the lake.

The Part: Things got wild - even for Coloma. After a presentation of "Elements of
Adrenaline" - Scott Lindgren's new multi-sport docu-drama (the base-jumping segie and
avalanches are OTC)the beer, rum, and Red Bull got to flowing. At one point I was surprised to see
a parking-lot romance happening where one girl had another girl pinned to the back of a pickup . .
.California is cool! But then the 'girl' dropped her dress to reveal pec muscles and a stuffed bra
- geez. Whether in dresses or out of them, the racers got a warm welcome from California's most
infamous paddling town and I've no doubt this Red Bull event on South Silver will be the first of
Green, Oh-b-Joyful, and now South Silver - how steep is it gonna go?
Clay Wright