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Difficulty I-II
Length 18.8 Miles
Flow Range 3.75 - 8.60 FT
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 4.55 [FT]
Reach Info Last Updated 04/09/2008 7:15 pm

River Description

The following info. from John Duke emailme! with any questions!

Scotts cabins is a great place to stay with cabins right on the river about halfway through the trip. A canoe is included with your rental fee!

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Dustin Hooks
2 years ago

StreamTeam, You have made the right move by moving the minimum level up, but it would be a good idea to also move the maximum up as well. The current listed maximum (7ft) is too low. I ran this stretch at 7.2' this week and it was a comfortable height-- nowhere close to being dangerous. Open boaters should watch out for good-sized standing waves in various places in this run-- particularly before the Petersburg 220 bridge.

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Tony Allred Jr
2 years ago

Based on the information that the Petersburg gauge had changed, the StreamTeam changed the minimum level for this river length to 3.75' on the Petersburg gauge. Any comments as to whether this addresses the comments below would be appreciated.

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Pat Munoz
6 years ago

Canoe-camped from Petersburg to Harmison's Landing (28 miles). Level was around 4' when we started and dropped to 3.8' on Saturday. This was a great level, even though there were places that were almost too shallow...

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Bruce Fleckenstein
15 years ago

Something happened to the gauge at Petersburg. It is reading much higher than it used to. I'm guessing about 2 foot. Does anyone know what changed?

Gage Descriptions

NWS flood stage is 10.0

Directions Description

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Cheat Canyon Settlement Reached; Land Set Aside for Endangered Species

Charles Walbridge

After two years of intense negotiations an agreement reached to protect endangered species in the Cheat River Canyon. Allegheny Wood Products acquired roughly 5,000 acres in the Cheat Canyon below Albright, WV in 2003 for $9.75 million. When they began building roads and cutting trees the following year the government took no steps to enforce the Endangered Species Act. A lawsuit was filed in 2005 by Friends of Blackwater Canyon, the WV Chapter of the Sierra Club, and the Cheat Lake Environmental and Recreational Association. Although American Whitewater was not a party to the litigation we are gratified that an agreement was reached and commend both parties for their efforts.

John Duke


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