Whiteoak Creek - Above the Nantahala Cascades

Whiteoak Creek, North Carolina, US


Above the Nantahala Cascades

Usual Difficulty IV-V+ (for normal flows)

Whiteoak Creek

Whiteoak Creek

River Description

This is the run above the Nantahala Cascades.

The put in is at the base of a small dam.
Take-out is the confluence of Whiteoak and Nantahala.
There are three major drops on the run. A 10 foot ledge,
a nasty 25 foot stairstepped ledge, and the final 28 foot
waterfall at the confluence.

For more info,
Carolina Whitewater, Benner & Benner. Menasha Ridge Press.
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Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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May 9 2008 (3633 days ago)
Boyd RuppeltDetails
Whiteoak Falls is a great alternate 'expert put-in' for the cascades. ...different ways to run it
at different levels... can definitely provide some beatdowns hence one old name for it: "The Mean
Mistreater"... lines tend to look easy or painful, not much inbetween.
January 1 2004 (5223 days ago)
The big stairstepped drop is named "Becky's" after NOC employee Becky Weiss.
November 13 2002 (5637 days ago)
If you really want to simulate running this creek here is a good plan. Get a a treadmill and set it
to high speed. Then put some fans next to the treadmill with plastic strips glued to the blades.
Finally have a friend spray icewater into the fans while you run along the treadmill and the fans
slap your face. Doing this will easily simulate the treelimbs constantly slapping your face and the
ice water in your eyes effect of Whiteoak creek.
March 24 2002 (5871 days ago)
If you have come this far, ya might as well just keep on going til the next bridge down....the one
just below the Nantahala Cascades.

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