Coneross Creek - SC 59 to Coneross Hydro Plant Park

Coneross Creek, South Carolina, US


SC 59 to Coneross Hydro Plant Park

Usual Difficulty II-III(IV) (for normal flows)
Length 1 Miles

Coneross Creek

Coneross Creek
Photo of Will Reeves by Brad Roberts

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02186699 62 - unknown cfs II-III(IV) 6y70d20h53m 44 cfs (too low)

River Description

Like many other semi-urban rivers this short run can have poor water quality at times.
Coneross Hydropark is essentially a small series of slanted waterfalls and ledges. The run is entirely a “destination boating” experience. Boaters must put in at the base of the dam or slightly downstream of the dam depending on the water level and if the dam is releasing water or spilling over. The rapids are river wide and multiple lines are possible. Most drops are easy class III but the final drop on river right is more difficult. This narrow slot drop can pin boaters. The takeout is downstream below the hydroplant. Boaters do not need to run shuttle and it is fairly simple to walk up the concrete flume to the top of the run.
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Last Updated: 2004-02-27 22:29:07

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Dam DropIIPutin Photo
0.1Boof ledgeIIIHazard Photo
0.3The final SlideIIIHazard Waterfall Photo
1.0The run from belowPutin Takeout Hazard Waterfall Playspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Dam Drop (Class II)

Coneross Dam

Coneross Dam
Photo of Will Reeves by Duarte Moreis taken 1998

Dam Drop is the put-in ledge below the dam and hydroplant flume.

Boof ledge (Class III, Mile 0.1)

Coneross Creek

Coneross Creek
Photo of Will Reeves by Brad Roberts

The first ledge on river left is a good boof location.

The final Slide (Class III, Mile 0.3)

Coneross Slide

Coneross Slide
Photo of Will Reeves by Duarte Moreis taken 1998

This is the largest siding drop on the river. A large hole can develop at high water.

The run from below

Coneross Creek Hydropark

Coneross Creek Hydropark
Photo by Will Reeves taken 1998

This photograph is an upstream photo of Coneross from an eddy near the bottom of the rapids.

User Comments

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February 1 2008 (3973 days ago)
x (1)
ran this section at 260cfs.....Lots of lines,but some were very scetch! Put in on river right just
below the dam. I would stick to running river left to left center the whole way. DO NOT run right
of the of the last slide... very dangerous slot with huge hole. Big hole developes at the center of
the bottom slide at high water. Scout well and pick a safe line or things could get bad, at least
at high water. O yeah, and the water is pretty nasty.
April 13 2006 (4632 days ago)
stephen woodDetails
april 12 i ran from richland area to the highway 59 dam. haha maybe 2 rapids. I portaged almost 1
1/2 miles. time...eta...4 hours...paddling...

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