Ohio - Falls of the Ohio - Lower (PnP)

Ohio, Indiana, US/Kentucky, US


Falls of the Ohio - Lower (PnP)

Usual Difficulty I(II) (for normal flows)

Showing off for the Fishermen

Showing off for the Fishermen
Photo by Caleb Coaplen

River Description

The Falls of the Ohio lower site provides many fun playspots during the Summer months. The lower site is located off Harrison Avenue in Clarksville. The putin is the George Rogers Clark boat ramp.

Be prepared to duke it out with the fishermen. This area is not only rife with play potential, but home to some of the biggest, scariest fish you'll ever see (unless you visit the Amazon!).

Also see the Upper Falls of the Ohio.

Also check out Falls of the Ohio State Park. Among the big deals there are the fossils in the old seabed.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Lower Dam LedgePlayspot Photo
0.0Lower Dam WavePlayspot Photo
0.0Clark Boat Ramp WaveIIPlayspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Lower Dam Ledge

Lower Falls Dam Ledge(Small)

Lower Falls Dam Ledge(Small)
Photo by Caleb Coaplen

Less then Six Feet of Dam Releasing on Lower. Surfers Right is Good, Surfers Left is bad.

Lower Dam Wave

Lower Falls Dam Wave

Lower Falls Dam Wave
Photo of Kyle Nicholson by Kyle Nicholson taken 09/05/05 @ 2 ft Dam

6ft or less of dam

Clark Boat Ramp Wave (Class II)

Clark Boat Ramp Wave

Clark Boat Ramp Wave
Photo of Three Vikings by Mark Atkinson taken 01/21/06 @ 34 ft

High Water wave appears around 33-36ft on the lower pool. 20 ft from the boatramp

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