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Difficulty II
Length 1.3 Miles
Gauge Sullivan Above Outlet
Flow Range 130 - 400 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 2 hours ago 25.32 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 11/22/2009 5:48 am

River Description

Lat/Long very approximate.

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Gage Descriptions

Visual. Look for flows of 300-500 cfs. Based on Bennett.



Directions Description

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New Film Released On Mill Pond Dam Removal (WA)

Kevin Colburn

American Whitewater is pleased to release the first of two planned films on the removal of Mill Pond Dam in northeastern Washington. This short film explores the history of the dam and the early stages of its removal through on-site interviews and footage of the removal process. Over the next two months the removal of the dam will reveal a section of Sullivan Creek not seen for over a century, and we will then produce a follow up film of the newly uncovered stream.

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Dam Removal on Sullivan Creek Begins Next Week! (WA)

Kevin Colburn

Excavators are in place at Mill Pond Dam on Northeastern Washington's Sullivan Creek, poised to begin chipping away at the 50-foot tall dam on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017. Removing the concrete dam, and an older log-crib dam under the reservoir is expected to take a couple months. American Whitewater played a significant role in negotiating this dam removal, and we are excited to watch the progress this fall.

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New Sullivan Creek Gages Online (WA)

Kevin Colburn

American Whitewater is pleased to announce the availability of two new online stream gages in the Sullivan Creek watershed in northeastern Washington.  These gages are brought to you by a partnership between American Whitewater and the Pend Oreille Public Utility District, and will offer paddlers, anglers, and other visitors to the area vital flow information.  

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Final Approval Granted for Sullivan Creek Dam Removal (WA)

Kevin Colburn

Yesterday, Federal approval was granted for the removal of Millpond Dam on Northeast Washington’s Sullivan Creek.  Millpond Dam has blocked Sullivan Creek since 1909, and removal should be completed within the next 5 years. In addition, streamflows will be improved for paddlers and fish from nearby Sullivan Lake Dam.  American Whitewater has played an active role in the collaborative effort leading to this dam removal and other improvements since it began in 2008.  

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Dam On Sullivan Creek (WA) Closer to Removal

Kevin Colburn

Late last month the State of Washington issued a key permit for the removal of Millpond Dam on Sullivan Creek.  The permit, issued under the Clean Water Act, reflects a 2010 settlement agreement reached between the dam owner, the Forest Service, the State of Washington, American Whitewater, and several other parties.  The permit gives the dam owner up to 2 years to finalize removal plans prior to implementing the removal.

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Sullivan Creek Dam Removal Agreement Reached! (WA)

Kevin Colburn

On Monday, March 29, 2010, American Whitewater joined a diverse group of stakeholders in signing and submitting two inter-related settlement agreements that call for the continued operation of Boundary Dam on the Pend Oreille River, enhanced operation of Sullivan Dam on the natural Sullivan Lake, and the removal of Mill Pond Dam on Sullivan Creek.  The agreements are the culmination of over three years of consistent efforts to resolve issues related to the surrender of the Sullivan Project, located in northeastern Washington. 

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Sullivan Creek Dam Removal Images Produced

Kevin Colburn

Earlier this year Cody Erhart, a recent landscape architecture program graduate, produced images for American Whitewater depicting what Sullivan Creek (WA) might look like following the removal of Millpond Dam.  We are pleased to share these images which are a blend of science and art aimed at facilitiating discussion about the future of Sullivan Creek. 


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AW Participating in Sullivan Creek Negotiations (WA)

Kevin Colburn

Over the past several months American Whitewater has been participating in mediated settlement negotiations regarding the fate of two dams that are part of the Sullivan Creek hydroproject, which has not generated power in over half a century. The negotiation team is exploring opportunities for enchancing the management of Sullivan Lake in a manner that benefits both recreation and the environment, and is considering options including removal for Millpond Dam.

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February Volunteers of the Month Presented by Kokatat

Kevin Colburn

We are pleased to announce that Becky Brown and Chris Lambiotte are American Whitewater's Volunteers of the Month for February, 2009.  Becky and Chris are helping out AW with our work on Sullivan Creek, located in Northeastern Washington.

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Sullivan Creek Survey and Video (WA)

Kevin Colburn

AW is asking that paddlers familiar with Washington State's Sullivan Creek fill out a short online survey. American Whitewater is actively working on a process to remove, transfer, or operate two dams in the Sullivan Creek Watershed.  We have also created a video of the Gorge to share this inaccessible place with other stakeholders - enjoy!

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Great News For Sullivan Creek! (WA)

Kevin Colburn

Yesterday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission overturned a previous decision they had made that would have allowed the owner of the dams, flumes, and powerhouse on Sullivan Creek to simply abandon the project.  The ruling came in response to rehearing challenges filed by American Whitewater, the United States Forest Service, and the State of Washington.  The decision will likely lead to the removal of at least one severely outdated dam. 

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AW Files For Sullivan Creek Protection (WA)

Kevin Colburn

Today, AW asked FERC to reconsider a decision they made one month ago to give up jurisdiction over two dams on NE Washington State's Sullivan Creek.  The request, based on significant legal grounds, calls for a more orderly process that protects Sullivan Creek and the public interests in the watershed. 

Matt Muir


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