Lake Creek - along FR 400

Lake Creek, Washington, US


along FR 400

Usual Difficulty V+ (for normal flows)

River Description

This steep creek and tributary of the Little Wenatchee is not an actual run, but there is at least one big drop. You can see it on the video Still Twitchin', but you will need to scout it out on your own.

Lat/Long are very approximate.

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Insane creek

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July 4 2004 (5315 days ago)
Bryan SwanDetails
Aside from the 22 foot falls shown in Still Twitchin, this creek is probably unrunnable. Above the
22 footer, there are two small ledges, which looked marginal, and about 200 feet downstream is a
slot that the whole creek drops into, maybe 20 feet or more. Also, when I scouted the 22 footer, I
witnessed a HUGE tree branch (5-6 feet long, 6-8" in diameter) bubble up from the pool below
the falls, which had not gone over the falls while I was there.

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