Susquehanna River - Saginaw Railroad Bridge

Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania, US


Saginaw Railroad Bridge (The Wave)

Usual Difficulty III (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 5 fpm
Max Gradient 5 fpm

"The Wave"

"The Wave"
Photo of Walt Shank by Bill Bishard taken 12/16/01 @ 3.9 ft

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, PA
usgs-01570500 3.80 - 4.20 ft III 00h57m 3.82 ft (running)

River Description

The "Wave" is a 4 to 5 ft high wave that is 30 feet across. A pillow hole forms in the middle that allows for 360 spins and the river right edge of the wave is good for blunts.There is a huge eddy on the river right side of the wave behind the railroad bridge concrete truss. Washing off the wave to far down stream requires alot of work to get back to the eddy. The trick is to enjoy your surf and then to slide back into the eddy, without getting washed off.

You can easily spend anywhere from 2 -6 hours at the Wave.
Put In and Take out are the same place

Follow the same directions as to the Codorus Creek Takeout. See Codorus Creek. Instead of turning right when you cross over the Codorus Creek at the takeout, turn left onto River Farm Road. Follow this gravel road for about 1/2 mile, until the road starts to curve to the right and gets away from the Codorus Creek. There is limited parking on the left side of River Farm Road.

Put In on the Codorus Creek, you have to paddle approximately 1/2 mile on the Codorus to reach the Susquehanna River. Paddle and Ferry straight across the river, you'll see a Railroad Bridge downstream of you. You must be about 3/4 of the way across the width of the river before you cross under the Railroad bridge. As you are looking at the railroad bridge, you will notice old stone trusses and new concrete trusses, you want to go between the old stone truss and the new concrete truss, on the river left side of the new concrete truss.. 50 yards before you pass under the railroad bridge is a micro eddy and a nice cartwheel ledge/hole. When you pass under the bridge catch the huge river irght eddy, behind the large concrete truss. The wave is now towards river left. Please be aware that the current is swift below the wave. A swim here will end oup with the boater and rescuer a 1/4 to 1 mile below the wave, and on the wrong side of the river. The Susquehaanna river is a very wide river. And below tthe wave there is not much for eddies for a weary swimmer to catch. I never recommend anyone paddling out here alone. It is only Class III, but if you swim, you are in for along swim.

To get back to the Put In/Take Out, you can set a shuttle downstream of the railroad bridge on river right or left. But this is not the standard way off taking off the river. We typically, paddle out of the eddy at the wave from behind the truss towards the river left side of the concrete truss. There is a small island in front of the next truss over. You have to get out of your boat in front of this truss and rock hop upstream to the last available piece of broken concrete. This concrete fragment is large enough for at least 3 or 4 boats to launch from. Upstream ferry at a 45 degree angle towards river right. Keep your nose targeted on the outlet of the Codorus Creek. It will take you at least 10 minutes to ferry across the river. Once you are along the river right shoreline, you have the following options. You can try to attain your way up along the river right shoreline and than paddle upstream on the Codrus. I've done it and is a pain in the ass, especially since you arms are already spent after all the paddling and playing you have already done. We typically get out on the river right shoreline right above the railroad bridge in a little cove. You will find a hiking trailing straight ahead. The hike out is approximately 1 mile. There are no good landmarks to find the beginning of the trail, so your best bet is to go with someone that knows the way.Ultimately, you need to see the Codorus Creek on your right. If you have not seen the Codorus Creek after about 0.5 miles, than your are lost. Following this trail will take you right back to your car. You will cross under the railroad truss that crosses the Codorus about 1/2 way on the trail, so you can look for that landmark also.
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