Possum Walk Creek - Five Mile Road to Highway 263 (8.7 miles)

Possum Walk Creek, Arkansas, US


Five Mile Road to Highway 263 (8.7 miles)

Usual Difficulty IV-V(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 8.7 Miles
Avg. Gradient 100 fpm
Max Gradient 160 fpm

Playing Possum

Playing Possum
Photo of Billy Williams by Photo by Lance Jones taken 01/22/99

River Description

Note: The flat water at the top of the run has several trees down. Landowner just above the gorge has cleared alot of timber and some tree tops have flushed into the creek. As of July 1, 2007 the main drops were all clear of wood, but future rains will likely move the wood downstream.

Creek is 2.4 miles long followed by 1.6 miles on Raccoon Creek, 4 miles on the Beech Fork (both of which will be big class II/III pool drop play), and .7 mile on Greers Ferry Lake

Creek drops 100+ feet in middle half mile through 5 main drops. Lots of sieves and pin potential. Raccoon Creek contains some good surf waves and decent current in the pools then joins the Beech Fork for some nice volume, usually at or near flood level when Possum Walk is running. Several big waves and big pools and one monster hole near the end. Finish with about a 0.5 to 0.75 mile paddle (depending on Lake level) across the NE corner of Greers Ferry Lake to the Hwy 263 bridge.

Put-in: Go 0.25 miles North on Hwy 5/25 from Drasco, (intersection of Hwy 5/25 and 92). Turn left (continuing North) on Five Mile Road for 1.75 miles to the first bridge. Please park on the South side of the bridge.

Take-out: Go ~6 miles West from Drasco on Hwy 92 turn North on Hwy 263. Go 1.5 miles and cross the bridge over Greers Ferry Lake take the first right and park at the Public Access gravel lot.


This creek is manky. The bigger drops need a good amount of water to make them go. Lots of sieves on this run.


More info and photos at:

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Playing Possum

Detail Trip Report  Playing Possum  Possum Walk Creek, Arkansas, AR(28.76KB .jpeg)

Possum Pinch

Detail Trip Report  Possum Pinch  Possum Walk Creek, AR(62.28KB .jpeg)

Playing Possum

Detail Trip Report  Playing Possum  Possum Walk Creek, AR(42.92KB .jpeg)

Possum Hole

Detail Trip Report  Possum Hole  Possum Walk Creek, AR(42.16KB .jpeg)

Possum Pie

Detail Trip Report  Possum Pie  Possum Walk Creek, AR(27.66KB .jpeg)


Detail Trip Report  Roadkill  Possum Walk Creek, AR(25.16KB .jpeg)

Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

Gauge by looking at put-in. If water is flowing over the bottom rung of the fence upstream of the bridge, it should be good. Also check the flow in the northern branch of the creek.

Look for 1.5+ inches of rain in the Drasco area. The main drops take a good water level to make them go.


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When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Possum Walk Creek [AR] Roadkill n/a Lance Jones
> 10 years Possum Walk Creek, Arkansas [AR] Playing Possum n/a Julie Black



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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
-0.0Drainage area: ~3.09 square milesN/A
0.0Five Mile Road BridgePutin
0.5Five Mile Creek Confluence
1.2Possum PinchIVPhoto
1.3Road Kill5.0Hazard Photo
1.4Randall's Gamble5.0Hazard
1.5Playing PossumIV+Hazard Photo
1.5Possum StewIV+Hazard
1.6Possum Hole5.0Hazard Photo
1.7Boof and SlideIV
1.8Snake EyesIII+Playspot
2.0Possum PieIV+Photo
2.5Raccoon CreekIII
4.2Beech ForkIII
7.5Greers Ferry LakeN/A
8.8Hwy 263 accessTakeout

Rapid Descriptions

Drainage area: ~3.09 square miles (Class N/A, Mile -0.0)

At the listed put-in drainage area is ~3.09 square miles (as calculated by USGS StreamStats 4.2.0 software).

After the confluence with Raccoon Creek, the combined drainage becomes ~59.2 square miles.

After the confluence with the Beech Fork (downstream of which the combined flow is labeled the Devil's Fork of the Little Red River) drainage becomes ~189 square miles, and by the listed take-out it has increased to ~198 square miles.

Five Mile Creek Confluence
Five Mile Creek enters to double the flow.

Warm-up (Class III+, Mile 1.0)

After a mile of flat moving water, the first rapid is a boof to the right, shortly followed by a small hole.

Possum Pinch (Class IV, Mile 1.2)

Possum Pinch

Possum Pinch
Photo of Chris Anderson by Lance Jones

Below the hunting cabin on river right, a fast narrow chute leads into a boatwide slot on river left. All of the flow funnels through this slot.

Road Kill (Class 5.0, Mile 1.3)


Photo by Lance Jones

A short complex drop of about 12-15 feet, which ends in two nasty slots on the left (main) channel. The bottom of the river right slot contains a high potential vertical pin or worse. Option is to portage over the right ledge (sieve) and run the right 'sneak' channel or portage left. The river right side 'sneak' channel is behind the boulders and out of sight in this photo.

Randall's Gamble (Class 5.0, Mile 1.4)

A tight sluice into an S-turn on river right. Enter the sluice, avoid the first pin rock turn hard right over the drop and avoid the second pin rock, then finish with a hard left over the bottom of the drop. The tough part is getting right in the sluice, staying left leads into a nasty undercut sieve. Alternate high water route down the far left. Portage is on right.

Playing Possum (Class IV+, Mile 1.5)

Playing Possum

Playing Possum
Photo of Chris Anderson by Lance Jones

A large undercut boulder forces the current far left and creates an eddy to the right. Watch out for the vortex sucking things under the boulder. A hard turn to the right around the boulder and off a steep 6 ft drop, followed with a small drop/hole into a small pool. At the top of this drop, the current pushes left with much more force than it appears, complicating the need to stay on line over the drop. There is a piton rock in the bottom of the main drop (usually only a problem at low water). A sticky pourover waits below the main drop.

Possum Stew (Class IV+, Mile 1.5)

A long complex rapid with several rocks and holes to negotiate with a 5-6 foot drop in the middle. Enter on the top right and work left through the drop. Eddy in time to avoid the sieve (Possum Hole) below. This drop has several places to pin or piton.

Possum Hole (Class 5.0, Mile 1.6)

Possum Hole

Possum Hole
Photo of Randall Gamill by Lance Jones

Large boulders block the path. The left line is through a pyramid shaped hole (at the right water level) formed by the boulders touching above water level. There are undercut rocks inside the hole so watch the entrance. The right side line requires a hard 90+ degree turn to the left in front of a very nasty undercut slot. This drop contains several sieves. Portage high on the right or through the other hole on the left.

Boof and Slide (Class IV, Mile 1.7)

Double drop with a nice boof to the left on the top drop, with an option to slide to the right or boof to the left at the bottom. Watch the sluice on the left side of the bottom drop.

Snake Eyes (Class III+, Mile 1.8)

A slide down the right into a nice surf hole. Watch out for the hole on the left side of the slide. Bottom right is a nice surfing hole.

Possum Pie (Class IV+, Mile 2.0)

Possum Pie

Possum Pie
Photo of Randall Gamill by Bill Herring

A multi-move boulder drop. Last major rapid so enjoy the dessert, but don't eat the meringue.

Raccoon Creek (Class III, Mile 2.5)

Possum Walk joins Raccoon Creek as the gradient subsides and the flow increases.

Beech Fork (Class III, Mile 4.2)

Raccoon joins the Beech Fork to form the Devil's Fork of the Little Red River. A big pool drop Ozark stream.

Greers Ferry Lake (Class N/A, Mile 7.5)

Scenic Flat Water

Hwy 263 access
Take out on right upstream of the bridge

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 Five Mile Road to Highway 263 (8.7 miles), Possum Walk Creek Arkansas, US (mobile)