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Difficulty I
Length Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

A short run with a major flatwater lake paddle to find a take-out.

There is also the possibility of hiking upstream for what might be some interesting creeking.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Map of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

USGS Info for Noland Creek.

The Road to Nowhere.

There used to be a Noland Creek Gauge.


Description, qualifying comments, and acceptable water years.
Drainage area is 13.8 sq.mi.
Datum is 2268.60 ft.
Located in hydrologic unit 06010202 at Latitude: 35:29:05N Longitude: 083:30:15W
Station is in the state of NC (county code 173) and serviced by the NC office.
Channel slope is 368.00 feet/mile
Stream length is 8.41 miles
Mean basin elevation is 4105.00 feet above National Geodetic Vertical Datum
Percent of contributing drainage area covered by
Storage: 0.00% Lakes: 0.00% Forests: 99.00% Glaciers: N.A.% Soil infiltration index is N.A. inches
Annual precipitation is 68.00 inches
Precipitation intensity is 3.70 inches/24 hour (expected on the average once each two years)
January minimum temperature is 26.00 degrees Fahrenheit

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Visual from Lakeview Road.

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A Close Look at Cheoah River Fatalities

Charlie Walbridge

The recent death of Chris Clark at Python Rapid on North Carolina's Cheoah River is the third at this site in the last six years. In each case, the person who died was an expert paddler and their paddling partners did not see exactly what happened. Let's take a close look at the Cheoah below Bear Creek Falls and develop strategies for future runs. The river here is very fast and continuous. After a fast lead-in (Chaos), the river drops over Bear Creek Falls, a 12' drop. Below, most of the flow pushes toward the river right channel (Python). Ferrying over to the easier river left channel (the West Prong) requires careful boat control. Python itself contains several nasty holes and sieves, with a bad hole blocked by a boulder at the bottom. There is a good route through it, but paddlers need to plan their route carefully. Scouting is a good idea for first timers, although catching eddies and getting out is not  going to be easy. Groups need to stay together.. The rapid is tough enough that you can't watch your buddy all the time, but you can be ready to help if needed. Click through for links to the accident reports, photos, and comments from expert Cheoah River paddlers. (Photo above by Boyd Ruppelt)


Matt Muir


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