Boulder Creek - 03. Blue Bridge to Eben G Fine Park

Boulder Creek, Colorado, US


03. Blue Bridge to Eben G Fine Park (Canyon Run)

Usual Difficulty IV (for normal flows)
Length 6 Miles
Avg. Gradient 136 fpm
Max Gradient 220 fpm

Canyon Run

Canyon Run
Photo of Lower half of Elephant Buttress Rapid by Brian Adkins

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
codwr-BOCOROCO0 150 - 1000 cfs IV 70d02h27m 29.6 cfs (too low)

River Description

With fun streambed gradient Middle Boulder Creek surprises the first time boater with its friendly nature and so many read and run rapids.
The bridge at the Red Lion Inn has been a challenge at various flood events.
The culverts filled up with wood and the bridge has previously washed away. Also there are two low-head dams near the diversion tunnels, but they are runnable.
Below the first pedestrian bridge, at Elephant Buttress, there is a reasonably fun play hole.

Elephant Buttress Rapid (IV+).
If you haven't been down this rapid before it is worth a scout. Being a roadblasted mank zone, its a bad place to be upside down.
Shortly downstream, after passing under two road bridges, prepare to negotiate a wier from river right.
The whitewater course at Eben G. Fine Park is one of the first of its kind in design. It has a few spin holes and eddy lines. A trashy ender hole called Widowmaker is located at the end of the course, just past the Arapahoe Street bridge.

Floods of September 2013 have significantly changed the streambed of Middle Boulder Creek. Newly incised channels within this watershed have changed stream channel character, debris pile movement will be in flux while man-made obstacles and structural abandonments may be present in this stream channel.

See Colorado Rivers and Creeks II, by Banks and Eckardt (The Bible), for info on this and most of the other kewl runs of Colorado.

Lat/longitude coords are approximate, from TopoZone.

The various reaches of Boulder Creek,
Jasper Creek (Class V+/VI),
The Source (Class V),
Upper Boulder Canyon (Class V/V+),
Lower Boulder Canyon (Class IV),
Boulder Town Run (Class II/III),
North Fork Boulder (Class V+/VI),
Alto-Alto (Class IV),
Upper South Boulder (Class V+/VI),
Lower South Boulder (Class IV/V+/VI),
Eldorado Canyon (Class V+).



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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Canyon CornerIV
0.0After Four MileN/A
0.0Elephant ButtressIII+Hazard

Rapid Descriptions

Canyon Corner (Class IV)

This junky corner has two drops

After Four Mile (Class N/A)

Just after Four Mile Canyon joins Middle Boulder Creek there is an island followed by a straight run then through the underpass

Elephant Buttress (Class III+)

The buttrous buttrous Gauley, aka Mitchaleneous Slide followed by NNR. Beware spiders at 750-850 and +1500 cfs gets pushy into the trees. Most flows under 600 cfs are interesting with beginners.

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