Steamboat Creek - City Creek to Steamboat Falls

Steamboat Creek, Oregon, US


City Creek to Steamboat Falls (Upper Steamboat)

Usual Difficulty II+(IV) (for normal flows)
Length 9.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 30 fpm

Easier Than It Looks

Easier Than It Looks

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-14316700 800 - 2000 cfs II+(IV) 00h31m 263 cfs (too low)

River Description

This is a very pretty canyon. There are 6.5 miles of class II+ in the middle of this reach with some IV near the top and bottom. The road runs along the creek and provides alternate access. This is prime steelhead spawning ground, so stay off the bottom.


The run ends just above Big Steamboat Falls. The lower class IV rapid is not interesting, not fun, and not worth the scratches. It is out of sight of the road. If you run it be sure to recognize the take-out because Big Steamboat Falls is full of rebar. The best take-out is above the IV a mile and a quarter upstream.

As you drive up to the put-in you will have many good views of the creek. What you see is typical of the run. When you see the obvious class IV drop, you have come to the top of the class II+.

Continuing upstream, the next two miles contain two class IV drops and one class III gravel bar all visible from the road. They are all easier to run than they appear and more difficult to portage.

Shuttle: Road Map

To get to the take-out: Take I5 to Roseburg exit 124 and follow the signs to state highway 138 east. Go east 39 miles to Steamboat Creek. Turn left and go up the creek nearly six miles to Big Steamboat Falls. The lower (IV) take-out is at the 'pump chance' W1802 immediately above the falls.

To get to the II+ take-out; Go upstream a mile and a quarter to MP7, turn right into "Industrial Campground", turn right again and go downstream as far as you dare and find a campsite by the creek.

To get to the II+ put in: Go back to the road, go upstream six and one half miles to a side bridge with a class IV drop clearly visible from the road. Put in under the bridge.

To get to the IV put-in: Continue upstream about two miles to 'pavement ends' at City Creek and put in at the boat ramp.


Some people think the camping and clean, clear water make this a fine place to spend a whole week. Linda, Bob, and Grandpa all like this place a lot.
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