Long Devil's Fork - Headwaters to Richland Creek (3+2 miles)

Long Devil's Fork, Arkansas, US


Headwaters to Richland Creek (3+2 miles)

Usual Difficulty III-IV(V) (for normal flows)
Length 3 Miles
Avg. Gradient 155 fpm
Max Gradient 200 fpm

long devils

long devils
Photo of tracy t by joe c

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Richland Creek near Witts Spring, AR
usgs-07055875 5.00 - 7.00 ft III-IV(V) 00h33m 5.34 ft (running)

River Description

Note: The combination of Steep banks and lots of deadfalls tend to clog the creek with wood from time to time, so keep look out. Best current option is to run Richland Creek and hike up the trail on creek right to the Falls.


This is a very small creek. Tight slots, fast slides, waterfalls, undercuts. Highlight is Twin Devil's Falls. Last 2 miles are on Richland Creek at high water.


Put-in: Go South on Newton County Road 5050 from the Ketcherside Mtn intersection of Newton County Roads 5050 and 5070. Park near where map shows road Elevation 2059 the Lurton 7.5 minute Quad. Follow faint remains of old logging road SE downhill then turning to NE and continuing down ridge to the creek junction just below Elevation 1600. Carry from main road is about 0.7 miles to put in, which is actually on the fork East of what is labeled Long Devil's on the topo map. Ketcherside Mountain can be accessed by taking Richland Creek Road North from Richland Creek Campground or by taking Hwy 123 East from Hwy 7 at Lurton and turning right on Newton County Road 5070.

Take-out: Continuing East on Hwy 16 from Ben Hur for 1.5 miles and turn onto Upper Falling Water Road (NFS 1205) and follow to NFS Richland Creek Campground. This road will parallel Falling Water Creek most of the way. This can also be reached by taking Falling Water Road farther East off Hwy 16.


This run is very similar to Big Devils, but has generally cleaner drops, longer slides, and fewer undercuts. Just below the first waterfall (8 to 10 feet), you will encounter "The Devil's Playground" - look for the tight runnable channel down the river left side through the boulders. After this is the fast entrance to the Twin Falls. The highlight of the trip. Depending on water level, you may either run the Long Devil's, or access and run the Big Devil's side via a short carry. Be prepared for a "big water" creek run through some of Richland's most difficult rapids after the junction (IV+/V at these levels). All rapids have been run, although "The Devil's Playground" just below the first waterfall has been marginal for most water levels encountered to date.


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
-0.8Put-in ParkingN/A
2.2Millstone FallsIIIWaterfall
2.3Devil's PlaygroundIV+Hazard
2.8Twin Devil's FallsIVHazard Waterfall
3.0Richland Creek ConfluenceN/A

Rapid Descriptions

Put-in Parking (Class N/A, Mile -0.8)

Park along CR32 and head East to the creek

Millstone Falls (Class III, Mile 2.2)

10+ falls into a deep pool. Named for some millstones left over from an old mill.

Devil's Playground (Class IV+, Mile 2.3)

Some tight slot moves between the boulders below Millstone Falls. Might have to get up close and personal with the rocks.

Twin Devil's Falls (Class IV, Mile 2.8)

Visual impressive spot as Long Devils Fork and Big Devils Fork plunge off twin waterfalls to join in the pool below.  Make sure there is enough water to get a launch off the lip as the shelf rock at the bottom extends out to the curtain.


Richland Creek Confluence (Class N/A, Mile 3.0)

Devil's Fork enters Richland Creek.  Be prepared for the meat of Richland with a healthy flow.

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