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Difficulty II
Length 2.4 Miles
Gauge Androscoggin River at Errol, NH
Flow Range 750 - 10000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 42 minutes ago 3520 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 05/31/2015 11:22 am

River Description

A nice class II in the north woods of NH. Good place to see moose.

Technical info

Put in elevation........1154'
Take out elevation......1100'
Total drop..............54'
Average drop/mile.......23'
Distance................2.4 miles
River width average.....75'
River geology...........Small to medium granite boulders
River water quality.....Good, clarity fair to good.
Scenery.................Good mountain and forest scenery.
Wildlife................Deer, Moose, Merganzers, Blue herons, Bald eagles. 

Check out the Androscoggin River Watershed Council for more information on this river.


Erroll NH...Gateway town

Errol NH located in northern NH close to the Maine border offers a wide range boating opportunities all summer long. This area offers some of the most remote regions in the eastern US. Wildlife is plentiful and may include Moose, bear, Loons, Bald Eagles etc. In addition Lake Umbagog located just north of Errol is a federally protected National Wildlife Refuge .
The Errol rapid located on the east side of Errol is a short class II section good for training and novices. Saco Bound (Northern Waters) has set up a small outfit here on the western shore with a campground, paddling school, and small boating shop. Water is controlled by a hydro dam just upstream from the campground and runs through this section every summer day. This section is onlabout 1/3 of a mile long and boaters usually carry back upstream and run it several times a day.
The Pontook section of the Androscoggin is about 15 miles south of Errol on route 16. This section offers a longer and more interesting class II run. Pontook dam releases most weekends.
Starting in late June and ending in late August, the Magalloway and Rapid rivers offer more challenging boating.
The Magalloway located 20 miles north of Errol in Wilson Mills Maine, offers class III and V boating on the upper stretch. Releases are on weekends starting in late June through the second week in July. The Rapid then has four release weekends until the middle of August then once again the Magalloway finishes up the month of August with weekend releases.
The Rapid River offers class IV boating in a remote setting. The Rapid can only be reached via a maze of logging roads just outside of Upton Maine about 10 miles east of Errol.

Campgrounds / Lodging /Rafting

· Errol Motel, Main St, Errol, NH 03579, (603-482-3256)
· Northern Waters (Saco Bound), Kayaking school, camping, excursions, paddling shop.
Phone: 603.447.2177
· Magalloway River Inn, Route 16, Errol, NH 03579, (603-482-9883)
· Aziscohos Valley Camping Area, Route 16 Wilson Mills Maine (207-486-3271)
· Mollidgewock State Park Campground , Route 16 Errol, NH Phone: 603-482-3373 Reservations: 603-271-3628
· Lakewood Camps: 207.243.2959
· Log Haven Campground: 603.482.3294
· Umbagog Outfitters P.O. Box 268 Errol, NH 03579 phone: 603-356-3292

· The Northern Exposure: Main St Errol, NH, 03579, (603) 482-3852
· Errol Cream Barrel & Chuck Wagon 482-3258 Main Street, Errol NH 03579

Rapid Descriptions

Dam View rapids

Class - II Mile - 0.2
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
The put in is located at Pontook dam. There is good access here with parking, picnic tables and bathrooms. Carry down just below the dam and put in here. During a release the tailrace from the dam can create some very large and powerfull waves. Downstream from here class I and II rapids over a very wide river bed are the norm.

Road View rapids

Class - II Mile - 1
Just as the road comes into view are the most difficult rapids on this river segment. Very large waves and some holes on river left. At the end of this segment the river slacks off a bit until you reach Powerline.


Class - II Mile - 1.3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
Easy class II rapid with some play on the waves.


Class - II Mile - 1.9
Rapid Thumbnail Missing
The last rapid on the Pontook. Good waves and holes sprinkled about. River left provides the most sport. River right tends to be shallow. Once you reach Wheeler pool just below the bypass dam the rapids are over for this section. Paddle downstream around a small island then take out on river right at the Bowfinger public canoe access.


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Skip Morris
7 months ago

Reported by Tim Jones Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:52 PM To: Subject: Andro Pontook hazard gone The log hazard Undurr reported on May 27 is gone as of 7-15-18. Not sure exactly when it was removed.

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mt durr
7 months ago

(Originally reported May 27, 2018) There is a 20 foot log near the beginning of the Pontook put in. The log like tree trunk is in river center and very difficult to see until you are on top of it. A raft was stuck and got off after much effort. We were upstream and did not realize the raft was on a log and assumed a rock. We should have been more careful. One of our kayaker was pinned to the trunk. Luckily the trunk moved after he took off his spray skirt and his boat filled with water. Both him and the boat flushed under the trunk. A young man from the raft was able to move the trunk a little so it is more visible and at more of an angle. I believe that they hope to go back and remove the trunk once the water level dropped. Thank you to the people on the raft for helping us in this difficult situation. [Edited by Streamkeeper.]

Summary of Gauge Readings

The water in this section is usually bypassed by the Pontook hydroelectric station. Recreational releases are scheduled for most Summer weekend days.  The 2011 release schedule from Brookfield Power.
2011 Pontook release schedule


2015 Androscoggin (Pontook) releases
May  June  July August September 
Sat., 23rd  Sat., 6th  Fri., 3rd Sat., 1st Fri., 4th
Sun., 24th  Sun., 7th  Sat., 4th Sun., 2nd  Sat., 5th
Mon., 25th  Sat., 13th  Sun., 5th   Fri., 7th  Sun., 6th
 Sat., 30th Sun., 14th  Fri., 10th  Sat., 8th  Mon., 7th 
 Sun., 31st Sat., 20th  Sat., 11h    Sun., 9th  Sat., 12th 
  Sun., 21st Sun.,12th    Fri., 14th  Sun., 13th 
  Sat., 27th  Fri., 17th  Sat., 15th  Sat., 19th 
  Sun., 28th  Sat., 18th    Sun., 16th Sun., 20th 
    Sun., 19th  Fri., 21st  
    Fri., 24th   Sat., 22nd  
    Sat., 25th Sun., 23rd  
    Sun., 26th Fri., 28th  
    Fri., 31st    Sat., 29th  
      Sun., 30th   
Full river flow (up to 2200 cfs) 10am to 4pm 
Weekends and holidays from the Saturday before Memorial day through June 30th 
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from July 1 through Labor day 
Two weekends following Labor day 


Gauge NameReadingTimeComment
Androscoggin River at Errol, NH
AW Gauge Info
3520 cfs ℹ️ 00h42m

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.


No Accident Reports



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