Line Creek - Slippery Rock Run

Line Creek, Georgia, US


Slippery Rock Run

Usual Difficulty II+ (for normal flows)
Length 1.1 Miles


Photo taken 04/10/09

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02344605 250 - 1200 cfs II+ 00h29m 54.6 cfs (too low)

River Description

Parking available at nearby shopping centers and Line Creek Nature Area.  Put in just above HWY 54 bridge and take out at the beginning of Lake McIntosh.  After hitting a couple rapids of class I-II around the bridge, there flat water for about .3 miles.  After those .3 miles, it gets fun with about .7 miles of II+ whitewater (one rapid is class III called Boof To Slides).  When you reach Lake McIntosh, walk the trail back along the creek on the Fayette County side.

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Last Updated: 2014-10-29 02:08:07


Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.1The Little SlipIPutin
0.7Upper Rock GardenII+Playspot
0.8Boof To SlidesIIIPlayspot
1.0Lower Rock GardenII+Playspot
1.1The SlideIITakeout

Rapid Descriptions

User Comments

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May 26 2014 (1661 days ago)
baseball211 (156545)
Attempted to paddle this yesterday at 50 cfs. I got stuck multiple times. I will try to paddle this
run when the water level rises. Even though I got stuck many times, 250 cfs or higher would make
this a great run. Just watch out for the tree in the middle of the run.
May 9 2011 (2775 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
Went to paddle this on 4/29/11 (gauge reading 293 CFS) and was skunked. It was about 6" lower than
when we ran it before (gauge reading 230 cfs). Met some other paddlers at the play wave and they
suggested using the gauge at GA-54 (02344605). This gauge looks like it is a better indicator of
the actual flow (it is right at the top of the run, while the gauge AW is using is about 7 miles
downstream of the run).
April 1 2011 (2813 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
Paddled this yesterday @ 230 CFS with Phillip Shellnut & Scott Tolar. 230 CFS is now my minimum,
and I'd like to see another few inches of water, so I'm thinking 280-300 CFS is a good level. There
is a nice glassy wave right below where the tree is across. You still cannot get through the
passage at the right of the island @ 230 CFS without having to get out of your boat. The hole at
the bottom of the last rapid was a fun surf. The takeout has a small beach that is now flagged with
orange surveyor's tape.
February 3 2011 (2870 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
Finally got to run this yesterday @ 180 cfs. Just slightly bony, but definitely runnable at this
level. Here's my report: Take trail at back of the Line Creek Nature Area parking lot down to
creek. Follow the sign to the shoals (not creek trail). Put in at shoals. Putting in above this
(Mule Rock, Ridge Trail, etc) is not advised as it is mostly flat water with at least two trees
down across the creek. Do not get out on the river right bank for any reason - it is all private
property and is heavily posted with No Trespassing signs. Water quality is ok and doesn't stink,
but is not beautiful by any measure and is brownish. The run starts out immediately with shoals and
wave trains. This is typical of the whole creek - nothing extremely exciting, but still fun for
locals. At lower flows there is a mandatory portage just past the civil war bridge remnants where a
pine tree blocks the majority of the creek. Here 90% of the flow goes to the river left of a small
island (where the tree is blocking) and the rest goes to the right of the island. At higher flows
there may be enough water going to the river right of the island. I tried going right of the island
at 180 cfs and ended up having to carry my boat over rocks. Surfable waves abound all down the
creek. The last and largest rapid is right as the creek bends to the left. I guess this is where
the play wave is, as there was a great surfable hole at the bottom of the slide on river left. If I
could play in it at 180 cfs, I imagine it can get pretty stout when the flow is really up. After
the last rapid, the river continues to bend to the left then straightens out - nothing but flat
water from here on down. I took out about 150 yards or so past the last rapid on river left - there
was a tree with what looks like a decent place to pull a boat up. The trail that follows the entire
run is right there - continue to walk downstream about 30 yards and the trail up to Plantain
Terrace is marked with surveyor's tape on your left. The trail is kind of steep, and it dumps out
in a wooded area between some houses in a neighborhood. I'm not sure how cool the folks in the
neighborhood are about leaving a vehicle there, so I had my wife come pick me up when I finished
the run. Shuttle is 5 minutes. The run takes about 30 minutes if you just run it.
January 4 2011 (2900 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
The takeout trail that leads to Plantain Terrace is marked with pink / orange tape now - I checked
it out yesterday.
July 29 2010 (3059 days ago)
ptcboater (152207)
Its not too far of a hike back to the put in. About 1 mile. The only problems are the slippery
rocks the whole way!
May 22 2010 (3126 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
So I went and scoped out the creek last night. The first thing I did was go check out the take-out
on Stallings Road. Unfortunately, the entrance to Stallings Road on McIntosh Trail is blocked by a
locked gate and about 10 "No Trespassing" signs. It looks more like a trail instead of a road - I
don't think a car's been down it in years. So in my opinion, this take-out is out of the question
for use. If you wanted to still boat down to this take-out and hike to the road (McIntosh Trail),
Google Earth says it's about 0.65 miles from the creek to the road. Next, I didn't walk much of the
trail of the nature preserve, but did walk down to look at the Shoals, and as the comment below
says, there is a creek-wide pine tree down (there is actually a picture of this on Google Earth).
As two comments below says, when the water is up, it might be skirtable on far river right, if
there is enough water going to the other side of the small island that the top of the tree is on.
As for the take-out in the neighborhood that Mark Hicks mentioned - the only place I could see that
being feasible is on Plantain Terrace, about 500-600 yards on the right, after you make the left
from Terra Verte. There is a space of about 4 lots with no houses, and the creek comes relatively
close to that road in that spot. But I saw no trail from the car. If someone could confirm or deny
this is the location, that would be great. As for alternate take-outs besides Stallings Road, my
only thoughts are to go all the way down to the bridge at Rockaway Road, or if you have a
somewhat-offroad vehicle, there is a neighborhood under development off Rockaway (Heritage Point
Parkway), and it looks like one of the cleared but unpaved roads goes all the way back to the
May 20 2010 (3129 days ago)
Matt TodhunterDetails
I am looking to run this for my first time the next time it comes up. If anyone wants to run it
with me, especially those who have been down before, please let me know! todhunter AT gatech D0T
edu Also - an updated link, since the one Will Gosney posted is broken. The map can be found at
March 12 2010 (3197 days ago)
ChuckJarrell (151556)
there is a creek wide strainer across the middle of this run. Me and Clyde ran this today and had
to portage this tree. good level lots of play waves.
August 21 2009 (3401 days ago)
x (1)
Very fun run anywhere from 450-1250... Just watch out for the tree after the first big 100 degree
bend to the left. There is a ledge above it and moving water moves under it. There is a very small
place to eddie out on river left just before the tree at low waters. At high waters you can run to
right side of island and avoid the tree without portage.
August 2 2009 (3420 days ago)
bradlacey (150700) per last comment
August 2 2009 (3420 days ago)
bradlacey (150700)
Anybody run this successfully recently. I would love to paddle this spot but not sure of the
July 8 2009 (3445 days ago)
chriscrob (150671)
I live in Newnan and I'ld love to have somewhere to paddle close to home. Anybody want to show me
the park and play spot or run it with me?
September 17 2006 (4469 days ago)
x (1)

map of line creek
For information on primitive overnight camping,
contact Southern Conservation Trust, 770-486-7774

Will Gosney
will @
December 11 2005 (4749 days ago)
ron fracchiaDetails
anybody want to run it with me?
July 11 2005 (4902 days ago)
ron fracchiaDetails
where do ypu take out?
July 11 2005 (4902 days ago)
Gregg ShepherdDetails
Usually, the cut off is around 600 to 1000 cfs...then it becomes in your words a big death trap.
The author of the description runs it frequently, and I hope to catch it around 400 to 500, but
it's still pushy Class II with several strong holes (2) bordering on CLASS III.
July 11 2005 (4902 days ago)
ron fracchiaDetails
at 3300 cfm this baby is a rageing death trap!

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