Black - A) E7178 (Elm Lane) to Ramsay (Mill St, Old US2) (6.0 miles)

Black, Michigan, US


A) E7178 (Elm Lane) to Ramsay (Mill St, Old US2) (6.0 miles)

Usual Difficulty I(II) (for normal flows)
Avg. Gradient 15 fpm
Max Gradient 26 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Black at Ramsay Approximation
virtual-130854 200 - 1200 cfs I(II) 00h52m ~ 0 cfs (too low)
Likely too low for any real whitewater. Virtual gauge approximates flow at Ramsay based on relative drainage area as .39*Black near Bessemer. Correlation not assured.
usgs-04031000 300 - 2000 cfs I(II) 40d19h49m ~ 180 cfs (too low)

River Description

Quick Facts:

Location: 6.5 miles ESE of Ironwood/Hurley.
Shuttle Length: 7.8 miles. (See details in "Directions" Tab.)
Character: Quiet northwoods float, punctuated by a class II drop and maybe a few light rapids.

Put-in is approximately 1475' elevation.
Take-out is approximately 1384' elevation.
Thus total elevation change is approximately 92'.

This reach is mostly a backcountry float, consisting of (very few) class I and II rockbed rapids interspersed with moving and quietwater. Granite Falls, a class II rapid, is the biggest drop. Access at this point is possible for a shorter trip if so desired. This knocks off 1.87 miles. (Coordinates: 46.4353N, 90.0321W)

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
1.9Granite FallsII+Access Playspot
3.3Rock BarN/A
4.7Powerline CrossingN/A
5.7Powerline CrossingN/A
5.9Possible slight wave/holeN/A
6.3USGS sampling siteN/A

Rapid Descriptions

Granite Falls (Class II+, Mile 1.9)

From the put-in, you'll encounter numerous swifts and shoals, riffles and rips, but likely nothing that rises to a true rapids. As a home and trimmed yard comes into view river-left, you will likely hear the welcome sound of rushing water and a bit of a horizon line.

This is the most significant drop on this stretch of the river, generally class II, perhaps pushing higher at high flows..

Some boaters may wish to forego the upper put-in, and opt to just put in here, or perhaps just work this as a park-and-play.

Rock Bar (Class N/A, Mile 3.3)

After Granite Falls, things return to the same flatwater, riffles and rips as before.

After a sharp right-hand bend, you'll encounter rocky outcroppings on river left. At some (elevated) flows, this area may have some interesting waves.

Powerline Crossing (Class N/A, Mile 4.7)

Downstream of this powerline crossing, you'll find a slight increase in shoals, riffles, and rips. (Still likely no real rapids.)

Powerline Crossing (Class N/A, Mile 5.7)

At this powerline you are entering the town of Ramsay.

USGS sampling site (Class N/A, Mile 6.3)

USGS lists a sampling site just downstream of our listed take-out, showing drainage area at that point of 78 square miles.

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