Souhegan - 3) Indian Ledges

Souhegan, New Hampshire, US


3) Indian Ledges

Usual Difficulty I-II(III) (for normal flows)
Length 11.25 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01094000 400 - 5000 cfs I-II(III) 00h33m 773 cfs (running)
Upper limit for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow boaters with a comment or report.

River Description

The Indian Ledges section of the Souhegan is a touring river with a combination of  flatwater, quickwater and few class II and III rapids.

The trip can be split up since there are a number of access points all along the river.

This section starts near the Oval in downtown Milford; It ends in Merrimack in a public park by the Turkey Hill Road bridge upstream of the Wildcat Falls section.

Access Point River Miles River Character
and Features
Milford Oval 0.0 miles Flatwater Put-in/Park in public park on river-left behind the Post Office across the river from the Oval.
Bridge St. Pedestrian Bridge 0.3 miles Six foot dam 75 yards below bridge, then class I-II and quickwater. Class III rapid under Route 101 bridge at mile 2.3. Limited parking on river-right along street. Put-in/take-out on river-left by the bridge, or walk downstream to put on below the dam.
Route 122 (Ponemah Rd) Bridge 2.8 miles Quickwater Access to large parking area and put-in via dirt road 100 yards north of bridge.
Boston Post Road Bridge 5.25 miles Quickwater Nice boat ramp and parking area.
Country Road Bridge (aka Fields Bridge) 7.3 miles Class II ledge at 8.7 miles, Indian Ledges rapid (class III) at mile 8.8. Carry on right or run class II on left then line down main channel. Small parking area with river access at intersection of Country Road and Seaverns Bridge Road.
Turkey Hill Road Bridge 11.25 miles Take out to avoid Wildcat falls. Public park with small parking area.


StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2014-05-26 10:50:34

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Country Road BridgeN/APutin Takeout Access
0.3Bridge Street Pedestrian BridgeN/APutin Takeout Access Portage Hazard
2.8Route 122 (Ponemah Rd) BridgeN/APutin Takeout Access
5.3Boston Post Road BridgeN/APutin Takeout Access

Rapid Descriptions

Country Road Bridge (Class N/A)

aka Fields Bridge

Bridge Street Pedestrian Bridge (Class N/A, Mile 0.3)

Six foot dam 75 yards below the bridge.


Park along street.  Put-in on river-left at bridge or walk downstream on path and put on below the dam.


User Comments

Users can submit comments.
May 12 2014 (1651 days ago)
mrotier (156482)
Ran this section yesterday. It was at 330cfs so it was pretty scratchy but still doable. We put in
at Boston Post and took out at Turkey Hill. A warning that there are a number of river-wide trees
down along the route. You can sneak around most of them but there is one a hundred yards upstream
from the final take out that was a mandatory portage for us. Would probably be passable at higher
levels. We took out just to the right of the tree. Fortunately there is a path that takes you up to
the parking lot from there.
September 11 2011 (2625 days ago)
jroneil (150408)
Right next to the post office is the Humane society/park parking lot but putting into this put in
brings you right to the dam. It was running about 600 CFS and the recirculation was not bad we
probably could have run it but we did not know what was under the river, So we check out portage in
it, We went across the street on river left to a custom auto shop. The drop is 75 -100 ft to the
river and at about a 75 to 80 degree angle we would have had to line the kayaks down. The take out
is a construction zone to rebuild the bridge going over the river so going during a week day it is
probably off limits

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