South (Shenandoah tributary) - Waynesboro (Rte. 611) to Lynnwood (Rte. 708)

South (Shenandoah tributary), Virginia, US


Waynesboro (Rte. 611) to Lynnwood (Rte. 708)

Usual Difficulty I-II (for normal flows)
Length 25 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01626000 2.70 - 9.50 ft I-II 01h12m 3.18 ft (running)
Upper limit for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow boaters with a comment or report.

River Description

Ed Evangelidi describes this as:
A scaled down version of the pretty South Fork of the Shenandoah that this river flows into. Mountain scenery and enough rapids to make it worthwhile. Streamside parks and other adjacent attractions can add to your enjoyment.
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Last Updated: 2009-03-28 16:56:36

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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October 5 2015 (1200 days ago)
chrismlan (156552)
Ran Lyndhurst Rd put in, just off of Ladd Rd to Ridgeview Park today at about 5.7 ft in a 9.5 ft
raft, with oar frame. There were some squeaky parts through strainers that you can make it through
pretty easily depending upon your skill level. It was a read and run trip - if you take a wrong
channel you might have to portage some trees, but it wasn't necessary on my trip. I certainly
wouldnt run a raft and wider than my 9.5 trib. Be prepared to ship your oars a few times. There
were some fun class 2 wave trains. At the put-in, middle channel under the bridge on Lyndhurst
there was a tree blocking the whole slot, so went through the slower eddy water on river right,
there is a big channel river left, but didn't see a way to it from river right "angler
crossing"/public spot where I put in. Nice little float. If you haven't done much read and run I
wouldn't run it at this level as trees are pushed down stream now, as this is a "flood stage"
level, sadley, but as I've heard used to be normal for the river. The river was up to 9 ft a few
days ago, with hurricane jaoquin, but the Lyndhurst bridge could be pushing a "noggin knocker" at
that level. I still think you could make it under. I believe in a whitewater kayak you can make it
through at many levels. Cheers!
July 6 2010 (3117 days ago)
johnpeterkelly (152084)
We canoed the Crimora to Harriston section this past saturday. The gauge was at 2.1, so quite a bit
lower than recommended, but we just wanted to get out. We tried to find the put-in in Dooms
mentioned in the other comment, we found the pull off, but we couldn't figure out how to get the
boat to the river without dragging it over someone's fence and field (anybody know about landowner
relations here?). We opted to just put in at the park in Crimora and take out at the pull off in
Harriston. Much of the river was nice and deep enough to paddle. We saw numerous Belted Kingfishers
and an Osprey. We weren't fishing, but we saw many large fish. We were the only boat, but there
were several people fishing from the bank (hopefully they weren't planning on eating what they
caught). Some portions we had to get out and push due to low water and others we had to push due to
trees across the river. Would it be a faux paus to float this section with a small camp saw and
remove some branches to make the river more navigable? Several of the ripples/rapids looked like
they'd be a lot of fun with one more foot of water in the river.
July 26 2007 (4193 days ago)
anthony hangerDetails
augusta county now owns the land at the rt 612 bridge in crimora and is making a park there. good
parking and you can split up runs from rt 611 in dooms(pullof is 100 yds up from bridge go down NW
side of bridge) to crimora and crimora to harriston(rt 778 bridge park under bridge) i ran the
first section the other day at 2.65 on harriston gauge probably lowest level runnable without
having to get out, ran other section the next day at 2.6 and had to drag about three times. section
one is clean but the other has two? river bend rapids that ran straight into down trees that
required hard paddling crosscurrent to avoid (plus a dead cow just down from the putin). wont run
that one again until above 2.7. can run in 2-3 hrs if paddling but i float fished and took a little
over 4 hrs. each. small mouth,redeye, and ALOT of chubs(they're fun though) even saw an osprey
fishing!(hope he doesn't O.D. on mercury!)