South Platte - 01. Eleven Mile Canyon

South Platte, Colorado, US


01. Eleven Mile Canyon (Eleven Mile Reservoir to Lake George)

Usual Difficulty IV(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 8 Miles
Avg. Gradient 62 fpm
Max Gradient 93 fpm

Sammer Elias at Anisotropy

Sammer Elias at Anisotropy
Photo by Bob Cook taken 07/09/02

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
codwr-PLAGEOCO0 150 - 1000 cfs IV(V+) 01h19m 335 cfs (running)

River Description

Elevenmile Canyon is one of the most beautiful stretches of river in Colorado. Lots of smooth round granite, bedrock rapids too, in a non-threatening atmosphere. There is a Class I dirt road alongside the entire run, there will be a lot of fisherman in this stretch. With the exception of the very first rapid and the very last rapid this is a Class IV- to IV+ run. Eleven Mile Canyon can, and most often is, run as a class IV-/IV+ run without running the upper or lower class V's. To do this, just put in below the first rapid, and take out before the last. Be sure to scout for these locations though. The first and last rapids are obvious, there is nothing before or after them. The first class V rapid, Big Bang, is long and technical. Beware of the highly technical slot, followed by a nasty hole at the bottom. Non class V boaters should put in below this rapid for the class IV section. Then there is about a mile until you come across a large pool that leads into a slide that ends in a river wide hole(IV+), called "Black Hole". Watch out for Black Hole at high water, as it has come close to drowning many people. Somewhere in the middle of the run is a technical rapid that s turns, and is divided by a rock island. This rapid is called Anisotropy. Not too far after Anisotropy comes one of the funnest rapids, Milky Way. Some twists and turns, ride the high lines and avoid the holes. The last rapid of the class IV stretch comes just as you go under the last bridge. This rapid is called Isotropy, and is a bit longer than the others. It ends with some fun holes and ledges. At about mile 6 there is a long placid stretch, most will want to take out about there. If you continue downstream have your takeout scouted... The very last rapid is a simply awe inspiring monstrosity(V+), called Supernova. If you haven't figured it out, the rapids all have astronomical names. Enjoy exploring the universe of 11 mile canyon.

- Sammer Elias



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Rapid Descriptions

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July 28 2006 (4012 days ago)
michael fisherDetails
watch out for logs they'll get ya :) i ran the first rapid, the last rapid, and the freekn' dam
with little problems (the dam is sketch), but swam a log cuz i was too lazy to portage. don't be
like me :)

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