Reedy River - 4 - Log Shoals Rd to West Georgia Rd

Reedy River, South Carolina, US


4 - Log Shoals Rd to West Georgia Rd

Usual Difficulty II+(III) (for normal flows)
Length 2.6 Miles
Avg. Gradient 19 fpm
Max Gradient 27 fpm

Reedy River

Reedy River
Photo of Kevin Miller by Will Reeves taken 09/22/02 @ 6.2 ft

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02164110 4.80 - 12.00 ft II+(III) 00h59m 6.03 ft (running)

River Description

Put in downstream of the Log Shoals bridge on river right.  Parking is available on downstream on river right.  Please be kind and do not block the private property entrance.  DO NOT access the river upstream on river right from the property with the large brick house.

Take out just upstream of the West Georgia Rd bridge on river left.  There is a narrow access road but if you don't have 4WD you might be better served to park along the road. 

Shuttle Directions:  From the put-in, go west on Log Shoals Rd.  Turn left (at the blinking yellow light) onto Standing Springs Rd.  Continue straight when Standing Springs Rd becomes Holcombe Rd (you probably won't notice this change).  The road will end at a stop sign.  Turn left onto West Georgia Rd.  Parking for the take-out is at the bottom of the hill on the far side of the bridge, right side of the road.

Water Quality:  Poor--The Reedy's poor reputation is due to the Colonial Pipeline oil spill many years ago.  Despite significant cleanup efforts from this spill, it still suffers as a river which runs through a city just begining to gain an environmental respect for it.  During rain, the river will spike with storm water.  A sewage line also runs along the river.

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Last Updated: 2011-05-11 02:09:15


Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.1Big-S SlideIIIPhoto
1.3Whirley BirdIIPlayspot Photo
2.5It's Kinda LikeIIPhoto

Rapid Descriptions

Big-S Slide (Class III, Mile 0.1)

Big-S Slide

Big-S Slide
Photo by Will Reeves taken 09/22/02 @ 6.2 ft

A rock sticks up in the river about 10 feet off the left bank. Run about 10 feet right of this rock to follow the tongue down the slide, or run closer to the rock to go over a drop. Make a slight S-turn through the rapid, first pointing left, then right, then left. The total drop is about 7 feet.

Whirley Bird (Class II, Mile 1.3)

Whirley Bird

Whirley Bird
Photo of Mary Reeves by Will Reeves taken 09/22/02 @ 6.2 ft

Run roughly river center down this 4-foot slide. The hole at the bottom makes an excellent 360 play spot.

It's Kinda Like (Class II, Mile 2.5)

It's Kinda Like

It's Kinda Like
Photo of Will Reeves by Kevin Miller taken 09/22/02 @ 6.2 ft

Start this series of small (roughly 1-foot) ledges in river center and work toward river right at the bottom.

User Comments

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October 4 2012 (2301 days ago)
Survivorofall (154949)
Ran this section on October 3 2012, there is a tree down that is across the river, right before the
metal bridge that has a pipe running along with it. At around 5.80 feet you can barely make it over
on far river right. I would imagine at any lower level it wouldn't be possible to get over.
Approach carefully.
March 5 2008 (3975 days ago)
Shaun ArmisteadDetails
There are no trespassing signs up at the takeout now, the area does not seem that friendly to
boaters. I parked across the street at Greenville Tech and walked my boat across the road, just in
case the no trespassing signs were legit. Check the put-in and take-out before you decide to do
this run.
May 9 2006 (4641 days ago)
Jay RichardsonDetails
I found out the proper way to enter here the hard way. Myself and two of my friends received
trespassing tickets this afternoon. The improper way to access the river is to park on the road
next to the new house and walk down. The proper way is to park across the road where there is a
gate with a No Trespassing sign. DO NOT block this gate and you will not have a problem. Be sure to
pull your car down and out of the way so that the landowners (who live in Michigan) can access the
gate if they are in town. If you have any questions, ASK FIRST. My friends and I made an assumption
and it is going to cost is a nice chunk of change.
May 1 2006 (4649 days ago)
Kevin MillerDetails
This is a warning that landowners are closely monitoring river access at Log Shoals Rd and anyone
trespassing (parking or accessing the river on on posted property other than public easement) could
be arrested. I have been unable to define public easement precisely at this location, but if you
cross a drainage ditch, you're probably in jeopardy. Please do not be confrontational with
landowners as AW works to resolve this situation.
April 29 2003 (5747 days ago)
check out the interactive map at