Conejos - 01. Platoro Res. to South Fork Conejos

Conejos, Colorado, US


01. Platoro Res. to South Fork Conejos (The Pinnacles)

Usual Difficulty II-IV (for normal flows)
Length 6.4 Miles
Avg. Gradient 75 fpm


Photo by Daniel Boyes taken 12/12/18

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
codwr-CONPLACO0 200 - 1500 cfs II-IV 01h34m 8.92 cfs (too low)

River Description

I think I got the gages wrong. I ran this at 205 cfs on the gage below Platoro Reservoir in 2002 and it was fine although a bit low. I must have been looking at a downstream gage when I wrote the original description. No fences in 2002 but things can change, keep your head up! Watch for barbed wire fences that may be strung across the river!

There are various options for putting in. After you pass "The Pinnacles" on the road you can pretty much decide where you want to get down to the water. Trail Creek area is one option I have used a couple times.

Nothing on this run is very tough but there is a probably Class IV drop right below "The Pinnacles." There is not much chance of seeing other humans and the setting is very scenic.
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Rapid Descriptions

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March 7 2009 (3608 days ago)
x (1)
The barbed wire is usualy stretched across the river at various places mid to late June. The
ranchers do this to contain cattle and horses and will not put the fencing up until the water
levels drop from the snow melt. I highly doubt that the USFS can or will do anything about this
because it is a necessity for the local ranchers, and I believe that alot of it may be controlled
by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). You shouldn"t have to worry about the fencing around the
pinnacles, yet below there, it will be encountered occasionaly, just keep your eyes open and it's
no big deal. Beautiful stretch of river from Platoro to just a few miles from Antonito. You may
encounter a few fly fishermen who are very reluctant to share the river but it is an amazing float.
June 3 2003 (5712 days ago)
John A. KobakDetails
Flow gauge listed does not work.

Also is minimum from correct for this section -700cfs?
Is there still barbwire?
July 9 2001 (6406 days ago)
Matt MuirDetails
There's been a recent discussion in Mountainbuzz ( ) about the barbed
wire on this reach. One paddler got entangled in some barbed wire which had been hard to see ahead
of time. He was under water for too long, and got his hands all bloodied getting free. Those who
want to pressure the USFS to remove this potentially lethal hazard are encouraged to write: Pete
Clark - Supt USFS - Rio Grande National Forest 1803 West Highway 160 Monte Vista, CO 81144 (719)

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