Difficulty III-IV
Length 1.3 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

To put in on Big Hungry Creek, take the trail behind the hunter parking spaces across from the Gallimore parking area. You can hike out on the Green Trail...unless you want to paddle the Narrows at high water.

Two of us took advantage of the rains in the Asheville area on Friday, 09 May 2003 and put on Big Hungry Creek. After going out on a limb hoping the Top section of the Green was still running we drove there and were disappointed not only that the Top wasn't running, but one of the trucks had developed a flat tire. After changing all that mess, we headed to check Hungry Creek. When we drove up on it at Big Hungry Road, we were in awe. A schweet 25-30ft slide just beckons you to run it.....The creek looked good to go and remembering that there was an equally good slide at the Gallimore Creek Trail put in, we headed that way.

Big Hungry Creek is a good run, nothing aas hard as on the Narrows, but some good whitewater for sure. The creek is best accessed at the Gallimore Creek Trail, and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PARKING LOT KEY!!!!! OR go see Woody at Liquid Logic and shell out the $60 for one. We don't need to screw this one up anymore than it already is.
Most of the stuff below the put in slide is cl III/III+, watch out for wood. There are a couple of drops that are worth scouting due to some wood here and there and a nasty little undercut that is tricky to aviod. This undercut is visible from upstream, it looks like one would blow up and over it...but it actually pulls your bow under it.
After this the creek boogies down a few more rapids and around some logs before reaching the last good drops before the confluence. This rapid is really straight forward and a cool walled in gorge similar to Boxcar on NFFB. This rapid disappears around the corner over a drop and into the Green.

Unless you are planning on running the Narrows, paddle upstream a bit to the Narrows put in and huff it back up the hill.

Pics Coming Soon!

September 2011: Both dams on Big Hungry are going to be removed.  More information here.

Rapid Descriptions


No Gage

Gage Descriptions

No gauge that I know of yet, but you can check the level on Big Hungry Road at the dam. If the slide at the base of the dam looks good, then the water should be good to go for the bottom section.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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article main photo

A Close Look at Cheoah River Fatalities

Charlie Walbridge

The recent death of Chris Clark at Python Rapid on North Carolina's Cheoah River is the third at this site in the last six years. In each case, the person who died was an expert paddler and their paddling partners did not see exactly what happened. Let's take a close look at the Cheoah below Bear Creek Falls and develop strategies for future runs. The river here is very fast and continuous. After a fast lead-in (Chaos), the river drops over Bear Creek Falls, a 12' drop. Below, most of the flow pushes toward the river right channel (Python). Ferrying over to the easier river left channel (the West Prong) requires careful boat control. Python itself contains several nasty holes and sieves, with a bad hole blocked by a boulder at the bottom. There is a good route through it, but paddlers need to plan their route carefully. Scouting is a good idea for first timers, although catching eddies and getting out is not  going to be easy. Groups need to stay together.. The rapid is tough enough that you can't watch your buddy all the time, but you can be ready to help if needed. Click through for links to the accident reports, photos, and comments from expert Cheoah River paddlers. (Photo above by Boyd Ruppelt)


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