Norton Creek - Above Thorpe Lake

Norton Creek, North Carolina, US


Above Thorpe Lake

Usual Difficulty IV-V(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 2.5 Miles

River Description

From Boatertalk:

After a couple of inches at the house last night i decided to hit something local in Jackson County. Everyone I talked to was going to the West Prong or Big Creek. I decided to pass for something new and local so I headed up to above Lake Glenville and began the search for well lubericated creekbed. I found what i was looking for off of North Norton road down Lake Shore dr. I scouted the first big seventy foot slide/cascade (Catalyst Falls) from Lake Shore Dr. and decided it had enough water to slide down on and spied a spot (on private property with no tresspassing signs in somebody's front yard) to scout (Luke Duke's Zute Chute) the next drop. I figured it was all good to go, so i slung my nuts over my shoulder and preceeded to gear up. I put on at the bridge on North Norton road and floated the first few hundred yards of flat water ran a Class II rapid and the committed to falling the 70+ feet down Catalyst Falls. I started down the middle and broke left at the end. The ride down was rough, bouncy, and scrapy, but typical of southeastern dirt dog low boating. Then, I paddled a hundred yard down stream and saw that no body was home at the riverfront house so I hopped out and scouted Luke Duke's Zute Chute. The right line was undercut, with wood and major peaton potential. The left fell 20+ feet over a spout into a shallow 15 foot pool backed up by wood and then ran out another 7 or 8 feet down a bony rapid into Lake Glenville. The 20+ foot landing was rough but I am glad I landed flat. I walked back up somebody's dock and began the short walk back to the truck and resumed the search for more whitewater. A great Park and Huck special.

If anybody knows anything else about this run let me know.
Luke G.

Editor's note: American Whitewater does not endorse trespassing in order to access runs or to scout drops. Paddlers who trespass, especially on posted property, may endanger access for everyone. At the very least, they must understand that they trespass at their own risk.

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Last Updated: 2002-11-24 08:57:07

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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November 10 2009 (3117 days ago)
x (1)
Landowner well armed and might be a glass into the scotch. Not recommended.
November 12 2002 (5673 days ago)
From KindKreekFreak on Boatertalk:
nothing prediculary deadly about the drops. The wood wouldn't be to terminal if you were caught in
it. Being flipped on Catalyst falls could be pretty painful. The rocks were pretty abrasive on the
big slide. If you went deep at the Zute Chute you could break a boat or hurt some feet. With all of
the variance in the rating scale it is hard to say how it would rank. It was harder than some stuff
that gets called class five that might not should be. so i will call a class five but if your class
five standards are higher than mine it could be class four. On a 5.1 to 5.10 scale i would say 5.1
to 5.2. Maybe this will help.

P.s. thanks Bradley for the AW post.

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