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Difficulty IV
Length 1.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

The area of increased gradient appears to start about a half-mile above Joy Road (though we are uncertain regarding the possibility of convenient access or whether there is sufficient reason to attempt put-in above the Joy Road bridge). From the bridge, the creek drops 200' to the confluence with the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River. It appears necessary/likely to paddle about 0.6 mile (of relative flatwater) downstream to the next bridge access point.

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Rapid Descriptions

Put In Drain Pipe

Class - N/A Mile - 0
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Park off the road, put in on the upstream side of the drain pipe under the road for a unique experience.  Don't grind the side of the pipe as you exit--it has some rusty bolts sticking out that have put holes in boats before.

Dude's House Dam

Class - N/A Mile - 0.12
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

An old dam next to a guy's house on river left.  Be courteous and stay towards river right to avoid the golden retriever hazard on river left.  Boof off the dam (3ish feet) pretty much anywhere.

Boof to Slide

Class - III+ Mile - 0.3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This kicks off the steep section.  A 5-6 foot boof onto a tall/long 30-45 degree angled slide.  The creek is 6 feet wide at this point and the horizon line is pretty pronounced.  You won't be able to see the bottom until you're over the lip.

Boof from the center with a little left angle, the goal being to stay on the left side of the slide to avoid the bit of wall that juts out on the right side at the bottom.

Below here, you get some class III boogie until the next significant horizon line.

Slide to Boof Entrance

Class - III Mile - 0.6
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

After maybe 2-300 hundred yards of boogie you will come to a horizon line where the flow is mainly on the left half of the creek, eddy on the right, big rock on the right edge of the horizon line.

This is a chunky slide/ledge that serves as the entrance to Slide to Boof.  If Scirum is cranking, it will feed right into the main slide below.  If it's low, you'll be able to stop in the slack below.

Slide to Boof

Class - III+ Mile - 0.7
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The slide is about 300 yards long and is pretty low angle, maybe 5-10 degrees.  At high water, it's enough to get moving pretty fast.  There are a handful of spinout rocks along the way that can get you sliding sideways, so just work to keep it pointed straight.

The ledge at the end is 8ish feet high and goes pretty much anywhere, although there are two general ideal boofs.

At low levels, the best boof is a finger that juts out from the right half of the ledge.  Angle straight downstream, even though the ledge will be at an off-angle to the current.

The left side of the ledge runs perpindicular to the current, but dries out at lower levels.  At high levels it's probably the best spot to go off.

The Cave

Class - IV Mile - 1
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

From the pool you'll land in from Slide to Boof, you're just above The Cave.  Ferry across the pool to river left to scout/portage.  Portage is easy thanks to the gently sloping flat ledge on this side.

The Cave looks intimidating.  The main flow channels to the right side of the creek and the current drops off a 4-5 foot ledge directly into a 3-4 foot wide slot up against an undercut cliff wall.  If you were to boof straight off the ledge, you will be pitoning directly into the cliff wall (boats have been broken doing just that here).

At low water, you are forced to drop into the far right point of this slot.  Keep your speed low and angle left as you approach the ledge.  Drop off the ledge as close to sideways as you can and work your way down the slot to the exit.

With higher water, you can get left earlier and dodge the tight part of the slot altogether.

Credit Card Swiper

Class - III+ Mile - 1.3
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The Swiper is the last rapid before reaching the Locust.  A rocky approach to the rapid leads to the bottom drop which is a tight pinch between two boulders as the creek makes a tight turn to the left.  

You want to angle toward the right boulder, getting your bow up on it a bit to avoid being swiped.  If you make the turn too soon and don't ride up on the right rock, you are likely to be on edge and will find yourself being swiped, which isn't great especially if you flip and find the rock in the pool below with your head.

Locust Confluence

Class - III Mile - 1.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Depending on how recent the rain was, the Locust may still be at normal levels, or flood stage and in the trees.

If it's the latter, work your way through the slack water amongst the trees to enter the Locust on the high side of the confluence eddy.  The ferry from here is very easy, but not quite trivial, as Scirum bluff and the infamous whirlpool is a few hundred yards downstream.  Just work left.

Ender hole won't be in if the Locust is high, but "Dead Cow Hole" might be--a stompy hole on river right against the bluff wall.

More fun can be had below here on river left if water is covering the pile of rocks that forms the "tunnel" at lower levels.  Look for the big pillow and drive right over it.

You'll be at the bridge shortly for your 10 minute shuttle for lap 2.


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Wes Brown
4 years ago

This video shows every one of the named rapids on the creek at a low level. Includes some of the action you're likely to see on the Locust if Scirum is running after a big rain.

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