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Difficulty IV-V
Length 4.3 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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16 years ago

Forum: BoaterTalk
Date: Apr 10 2003, 7:01 GMT
From: kayaker225

Heard thatit was clean. YEAH bout as clean as a two dollar tokyo hooker. It was steeeep tight and the 3 biggies (we
will call them "The Breakers") are very UN-clean. the first was a 4 foot wide slot into a 10-12 foot drop that had to be hit high on the dry rock to the right or you could possibly
hit the rock outcropping on the wall and break your neck. Not to mention the nice cave it you happen to get caught in
the hole. The second biggie was (and keep in mind all the drops aren't small by any means) a sick tight lead in to a
wierd left hand turn with 4 feet of space onto 10 feet vert.
If you fuck this one up by an inch you drop 8 feet onto a rock and bounce off into a 2 foot deep pool "back breaker".
We had two gnarly crashes and I got lucky and cleaned it up.
Then the third biggie is a reverse Sunshine-esque rapid that lands from about 10-12 feet on a rock with a hard boof cuz the entrance is about 3 feet wide. It was a sickie, I had a
little piton action on this one "ankle breaker". Then the creek goes through some little chutes with a 8 footer at
the end of chute on the left side with a mandatory boof cuz
of the rocks. The last rapid which you dont have to run is
3 cool drops with a one boat eddy that leads into a tunnel of steep darkness under I-40. The eddy at the tunnel entrance is a one boater. You dont have to run this one,
but being 3 homies from Cullowhee we felt that it was our
obligation to be stupid and make it a "man" thing. And then you are done. There are also a couple of cool big drops and creeky rapids out there. These are just the three gnarliest. Do not take this section likely, I was told that it was clean, and that it wasnt. The Green is way clean when compared with Hurricane or at least the three biggies out
there. VERY Cool creek though, be safe and have fun.
BTW what are the names of those three kinda gnarly drops?

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