Cove Creek - to Green River

Cove Creek, North Carolina, US


to Green River (Bradley Falls)

Usual Difficulty IV-V(V+) (for normal flows)

River Description

From twistedpfister on boatertalk:

We paddled down to the falls and boat lowered with a rope. Below the falls is a short stretch which is LVM quality. Hard, congested with lumber, and steep as hell - the next 300 yards are 5+. Then its about a half mile which includes 8-10 IV-V drops (including a clean 35? footer). Then is flattens out a bit with the last half mile class 3. The whole thing drops close to 800 feet for only about 1.4 miles. Big Bradley Falls (the BIG portage) of course eats up about 150 of those feet. Im gonna do it again with more water/light. When we got to the Green, we had to paddle out with a headlamp ... BP

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Last Updated: 2003-02-23 20:40:44

Rapid Descriptions

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December 7 2003 (5278 days ago)
John PilsonDetails
Some nice pictures of Big Bradley Falls can be found at
Also linked from that page are some shots of Little Bradley Falls, .5 mile upstream from the bigger
one. I know of no other pics of the creek, however. Been looking.

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