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Celestial Falls is known as a big runnable waterfall located within White River Falls State Park. It's a 45 foot drop into a pool a short distance upstream of the river's confluence with the Deschutes. It's a long drive from other paddling destinations but a worthy stop on a road trip for those who enjoy big drops.

See description and dramatic photos of high water runs at Oregon Kayaking.

Unfortunately the falls have recently been closed to kayaking although they remain open to swimmers and other recreational users. Local volunteers interested in reopening this waterfall should contact AW. To do so a few issues will need to be addressed. First, there are erosion concerns along the unimproved trail boaters use to reach the put-in. Access to the falls and protection of park resources is thus a major issue. Second, boaters need to show respect for park visitors and staff. Be cool, keep a clean camp, and enjoy the falls without making a big scene.

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When the trestle is "in" on the Deschutes, the water is too high to run the falls. Running the falls at high water is generally not a good idea.

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OR's Celestial Falls Closed to Kayaking

2001-07-03 00:00:00-04
Jason Robertson

327thumb.jpg On June 28, 2001 a group of kayakers showed up to kayak Celestial Falls. The campground host informed them that it had been made illegal. A sign was posted reading " No kayaker Access." The closure makes little sense and American Whitewater is working diligently with the park to reopen access.

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