Saluda, South - 2- Blyth Shoals - Hwy 11 to Talley Bridge

Saluda, South, South Carolina, US


2- Blyth Shoals - Hwy 11 to Talley Bridge

Usual Difficulty III-IV(V) (for normal flows)
Length 1.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 55 fpm
Max Gradient 230 fpm

Blythe Shoals with water

Blythe Shoals with water
Photo by Will Jones taken 12/26/04 @ 3 ft

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02162290 50 - 1000 cfs III-IV(V) 00h40m 104 cfs (running)
Wide range of boatable flows. Basically a wet seal launch at lower flows. Big Class V with monster holes at high flows. Gauge is upstream several miles at Matthews Creek confluence.

River Description

Puttin: The puttin is a pullout on highway 11 is roughly about .7 of a mile upstream from where the river takes a sharp turn away from highway 11.
Takeout: Just follow Blythe Shoals Rd. down to Talley Bridge. Please try to be as low profile and keep as close to the bridge as possible while taking out.
The Landowners: Please respect the landowners and the NO TRESPASSING signs. I have heard of a landowner here to escort people trying to fish on his property out with a shotgun in hand. Also if something occurs where you must get out of the boat try to stay out of sight.

The Blyth Shoals section of the South Saluda is a short, extremely steep, micro gorge. The South Saluda River makes a 90-degree turn in the town of Blyth Shoals and plunges over a multi drop waterfall of the same name. This would be a great roadside whitewater run with good water after local rains but most of the river is HEAVILY posted with no trespassing signs. You can not get out to scout the big drop. The only way to scout is to do so while running shuttle. After the big rapid the river pools and then squeezes into a tight boulder filled drop above Talley Bridge.

At 400 cfs the big drop at Blyth Shoals becomes a class V monster rapid that could easily be mistaken for a big drop on the Green Narrows.

Blyth Shoals has been run at a variety of levels by boaters with expert skills. At low flows intermediate paddlers have run these rapids upright.

StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2007-02-26 16:06:44

Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
1.0Blythe ShoalsIV+Hazard Waterfall Playspot Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Blythe Shoals (Class IV+, Mile 1.0)

Blythe Shoals with water

Blythe Shoals with water
Photo by Will Jones taken 12/26/04 @ 3 ft

A three tiered falls which can be run many ways, but the most common way is to start left then to the middle of the river for a small boof, be sure to boof because there is a pothole in the middle of a river and another on river left of that same middle drop. Then head back to left to skirt the hole. At the right level there can be a small surf wave just after the last major hole. The land owner on left is grumpy so try not to have a run in with him.

User Comments

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August 3 2012 (2324 days ago)
Garrick TaylorDetails
Ran this in the spring when NFFB had run at a low level earlier in the day. Some property owners
are grumpy along this short stretch. Do your research to know where you can put-in legally before
you do your run. There is land owned by Naturatrust just above the slides that could be used as
well as some land further upstream owned by SCDNR. Stay in your boat if at all possible and be
respectful if nosy folks end up watching you from shore like they did for us. At the takeout, you
should climb out under the bridge and almost touch the bridge as you climb the bank. Great little
1/2 mile of Class III/IV in an unexpected spot.

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