Tanyard Branch - above Dorsett Shoals Rd.

Tanyard Branch, Georgia, US


above Dorsett Shoals Rd.

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)
Length 0.33 Miles
Avg. Gradient 170 fpm
Max Gradient 170 fpm

The big one

The big one
Photo taken 08/14/10 @ too low to run

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02337000 9.50 - 15.00 ft III-IV 01h03m 2.43 ft (too low)

River Description

Tanyard Branch is really nothing more than a drainage ditch that happens to run through the same area as Sweetwater, Annewakee, Hurricane, and Mobley Creeks. The cool thing about Tanyard Branch is the extreme gradient and proximity to the road. This run is only about 1/3 to 1/2 mile long but it drops about 80 feet in that stretch. This is a run you can do multiple times in a day; there's a trail that goes up the side. You can get a good idea whether or not it's runnable by looking at the waterfall right by the road. If it looks like you could take a boat over, it's running. Look carefully at the base of this waterfall and make sure the culvert that goes under the road is clear of debris; you must go through this to take out on the other side. As long as that looks good, take a quick hike up the river left side to check for new logs or other hazards. I tried to clear this creek out recently.
The run starts with a put-in in a swampy-looking area, it's kinda cool--you come out of the swamp and hit the 1st drop immediately, a 15 ft. drop/slide that you need to take on the right side to avoid breaking your ankles on the left. If it's really high (rare), you'll get washed over a 5-6 ft. ledge immediatley so be on your toes. If not, you'll be able to compose yourself and head off through the chute to the right which takes you around the drop. You'll get swept thru some class 3 stuff on the next 100 yds. quickly and you will have nowhere to stop before you get to the next drop. This drop is 8-10 feet and again, stay to the right or middle--left is sure pain. Then, there's about 100 yds. of swift class 2-3 with a heinous undercut on river left as soon as you can see the road; it's not hard to miss it, but you'd better miss it. Now it's time to set up for the waterfall. It's not vertical; it's best to take this one right over the middle but you'll be able to choose your own line when you first scout from the road. There will be no chance to scout from the creek so you need to know which line you're taking or have a buddy there to point it out as you scream by. Now just go through the culvert and take out on the other side. Repeat until dark.

Dallas Shaw shared:
t's on Dorsett Shoals Rd. From the Annewakee put-in, go west and cross Chapel Hill Rd. At this intersection Annewakee Rd changes its name to Dorsett Shoals. Continue on and you can't miss "Last Falls" on the right side of the road.







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Last Updated: 2010-08-16 13:26:27


Rapid Descriptions

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September 5 2011 (2660 days ago)
Dallas ShawDetails
It's on Dorsett Shoals Rd. From the Annewakee put-in go west and cross Chapel Hill rd. At this
intersection Annewakee rd changes names to Dorsett Shoals. Continue on and you can't miss "last
falls" on the right side of the rd. I know you posted that a long time ago B-rad... but I just
found it. :::::::EDIT:::::: The bridge after last falls used to be open on the other side. This is
no longer the case. Same big openings but now all of the water runs into smaller pipes. Better make
sure you can make that eddy!

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