Difficulty IV(V+)
Length Miles
Gauge No. Rogue Below North Fork Res
Flow Range 200 - 1000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 month ago 100 [CFS]
Next Release 2019-09-01
Reach Info Last Updated 05/31/2019 7:08 pm

River Description

The heart of this reach was dewatered by PacifiCorp's Prospect Hydropower Project. American Whitewater worked to restore whitewater opportunities and real-time flow information when the project was relicensed in 2008. Please check the PacifiCorp Prospect Whitewater page for current information for scheduled whitewater opportunities and planned outages (i.e. days when the powerhouse is not operating and the full flow of the river is returned to the natural river channel). The flow in the stretch from Avenue of the Giant Boulders to the Powerhouse is found here.  This is the flow being released into the stretch from the upstream dam.  In the Winter Mill Creek can add substantial flow on top of the gauge reading, in the Summer it adds a negligible amount. The flows found in the river from the powerhouse to the reservoir are found here.

This is a great Class IV creek type run. The first 1.3 miles from Mill Creek Falls to North Fork/Prospect powerhouse contains 10 to 15 Class IV drops. Below the powerhouse the Rogue eases off to Class III but the powerhouse adds up to an additional 1000 cfs. This Class III section is approximately 2 miles in length but requires a hike out at the end once you reach the reservoir.

For the more adventurous, you can tackle the Avenue of the Giant Boulders above the confluence of Mill Creek Falls. This Class V is sure to keep you busy. Above that is the Class V+ Prospect Falls viewable from the Mill Creek drive bridge (this reach was featured in an Ashland Mine Productions film).


To access the run, take Oregon State Highway 62 to Prospect and turn onto Mill Creek Drive that parallels the highway and takes you through the town of Prospect. The turn onto Mill Creek Drive is at Highway 62 mile 38.5 at the south end of town and mile 45.3 at the north end of town.

Mill Creek Drive has mile markers counting up from south to north and the key locations are as follows:

Mile 1.8, Lost Creek Reservoir take-out: This is the take-out where the North Fork and South Fork join together and end at Lost Creek Reservoir. Here a wire fence with a pull-out for a couple cars marks the start of an old road that has turned to trail. The trail leads down to the reservoir. The trail crosses Skookum Creek which is a good waypoint marking the take-out. This take-out crosses a small piece of private property and permission of the landowner is required. American Whitewater has explored solutions to bring this trail into public ownership and volunteers interested in pursuing this project are encouraged to contact us. Another option is to arrange for a pickup or paddle out on the reservoir.

Mile 4.1, Prospect Powerhouse take-out: This is the turn for the road that leads down to the PacifiCorp powerhouse at river level. In the past paddlers were allowed to drive down the road, but the road is now closed to the public. On release weekends PacifiCorp operates a shuttle service that picks up paddlers at the powerhouse and brings them back up to the put-in at Mill Creek Falls.

Mile 5.3, Mill Creek Falls put-in: The Mill Creek Falls trailhead is a day use area for those viewing this dramatic waterfall that cascades into the North Fork Rogue River. Kayakers (or adventurous rafters) will need to follow the rough social trail down into the gorge (bring ropes). Those seeking a stout class V challenge can continue upstream to the "Avenue of the Giant Boulders."

Mile 5.8, Mill Creek Drive bridge: This bridge crosses the North Fork Rogue and offers a dramatic view down into the the Prospect Falls.

Rapid Descriptions


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Nick Sinderson
8 years ago

I managed to get on this run a no. of times last summer during the schedule release. The three times I did, the stick gauge at the put in read between 2.1 and 2.8 a low to medium flow. Perfect for the class 4 boater such as my self. With-in these flow parameters there were lots of eddys and the water did not have much push giving you plenty of time to make the technical moves necessary for this run. I hear as the flow goes up so does the rating, and I can see that. The class 4 section starting below Mill Creek falls to the Powerhouse is essentially a 1.3 mile long class 3 to 4 rapid and tons of fun, all set in a spectacular gorge with 2, 170' tall waterfalls, tall canyon walls and fantastic water color and quality. Even though I live less than an hour from the put-in, I like to camp up above Prospect on the release weekends, That way you maximize your boating time and can get the whole NF Rogue boating experience by adding runs down the Natural Bridge, Takilma Gorge and River Bridge sections as well as a couple of laps down the Mill Creek section. That all adds up to a great summer weekend of boating! Below the powerhouse is a good section of class 3 that reminded me of the upper McCloud...continuous, fairly shallow rocky rapids with good gradient (50fpm) and a couple of nice surf waves on the day I paddled it..The class 3 section goes 24/7/365 but has access problems both at the put-in and the take-out...too bad because I bet it would be fun in the playboat.

Release Schedule

More Information
Date Start Time End Time Flow
09/01/2019 10:00:00 16:00:00 250-450
09/02/2019 10:00:00 16:00:00 250-450
08/22/2020 10:00:00 16:00:00 250-450
08/23/2020 10:00:00 16:00:00 250-450
09/06/2020 10:00:00 16:00:00 250-450
09/07/2020 10:00:00 16:00:00 250-450

Gage Descriptions

This gauge is for flows downstream of the powerhouse. PacifiCorp removes about 1000 cfs from the first 1.3 miles of this run upstream of the powerhouse. Realtime flow information for the reach upstream of the powerhouse is now provided on the PacifiCorp Prospect Whitewater page add is updated every hour.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

No Accident Reports



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Oregon Waterway Access Bill Set to Become Law

Priscilla Macy

This week, Oregon House Bill 2835 re-passed the Oregon House on a 52-7 vote. Having earlier cleared the Senate, the bill now awaits a signature from the Governor to be signed into law. For decades, opportunities to protect and improve the ability of the public to access and legally use waterways for recreation have seen minimal progress, while efforts to severely limit access have been a consistent threat. Oregon House Bill 2835 is a pivotal piece of legislation in Oregon, and the first proactive waterway access bill in recent history to have made it through the state legislature.

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FERC Approves Whitewater Recreation Plan for North Fork Rogue (OR)

Thomas O'Keefe

Last week FERC approved a whitewater recreation plan for the North Fork Rogue. We are pleased to be working with PacifiCorp who has committed to immediately implementing the plan and providing the whitewater recreational opportunities this summer.

article main photo

FERC completes favorable review of whitewater for North Fork Rogue (OR)

Thomas O'Keefe

FERC recently released their review of the Prospect Hydroelectric Project on the North Fork Rogue in southwest Oregon. FERC recommend restoring flows to the river for 8 days every summer, public access at the powerhouse, and access to flow information. These provisions would provide a new whitewater gem for the growing whitewater population in southern Oregon.

Thomas O'Keefe


john almassy


Jacob Cruser


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