Madams Creek - Madams Creek Road to New River at Hinton

Madams Creek, West Virginia, US


Madams Creek Road to New River at Hinton

Usual Difficulty III+(IV) (for normal flows)
Length 2 Miles
Avg. Gradient 75 fpm
Max Gradient 100 fpm

Last waterfall on Madams

Last waterfall on Madams
Photo of Adam Lewis by Seth Lewis taken 04/07/03 @ medum high

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03185000 5.20 - 7.20 ft III+(IV) 01h04m 2.42 ft (too low)

River Description

This creek is one of those that rise and fall very quickly. Usually it will run for about 30 hours after its watershed in Summers County receives an inch or more of rain. Only the final two miles is runnable until it reaches its confluence with the New River right below the Hinton New River Bridge.

To get to this creek from interstate 64 you would take the Sandstone/Hinton exit and follow rt. 20 through Hinton and turn right at the first stoplight and cross the bridge. Then you would turn right after the bridge and then left. You should now see Madams Creek. Gauge the creek’s level by looking at the waterfall you just passed over on the small bridge. If water is pouring over the entire fall from bank to bank it is at a runnable level.

The majority of this creek is road scoutable so take advantage. The put-in is questionable since it is all private property so be respectful. Follow this road alongside the creek for approximately 2 miles until the road splits and you see a waterfall to your right. There is room here to pull off and put-in. Only the last 3/10 of a mile will provide any appreciable elevation drop so take time in this section to warm up and get your game on. It is class II-II+ with a few fun slides and ledges. Be aware of the strong possibility of strainers.

The first large horizon line will signal the start of the fun stuff. This is a 5-6 foot two stage fall. Run center or right-center because of a large strainer 12-15 yards downstream on river left. Your next horizon line is a 4 foot drop. Run left at lower water and right at high water. Beware of the strainer on river left below the drop. As you make your way down the creek a small island will split the creek. AVOID going anywhere near this island by staying left; there is a chain link fence strung between its trees.

Now get ready for the best (or worse) rapid of the day. I would rate this a class V simply because of its danger. It is a 3 section, almost continuous slide about 35 yards long. For the first two sections stay with the main current center of left center.

At the bottom of this last section of the slide are two EXTREMELY dangerous undercuts. The first would probably only take off your head or elbow but the second will kill you. It is the worst undercut that I have EVER seen. The current goes almost directly for it and it is wide open at the upstream side and slopes downward. This will pin a boater underwater with no hope for escape. Make the move toward the end of this slide HARD LEFT. The next hazard you will encounter is a place where the creek splits into two channels. Take the LEFT ONE. There is a riverwide strainer at the end of the right hand channel that is not directly in view. If you for some reason find yourself in the right channel beach your boat on the right bank immediately. Now you will see a bridge coming up and a large horizon line just below it. Stay center and run these 6-8 ft falls with a fairly deep pool. Its over. Now take out on river left or continue on out and run a section of the New.

Note: The scenic value is low due to the trashy banks and water qualtity is questionable.

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Madams crk put-in at flood stage

Detail Trip Report  Madams crk put-in at flood stage  Madams Creek, WV(75.89KB .jpeg)

Madams at flood stage

Detail Trip Report  Madams at flood stage  Madams Creek, WV(92.67KB .jpeg)

Last waterfall on Madams at flood stage.

Detail Trip Report  Last waterfall on Madams at flood stage.  Madams Creek, WV(76.03KB .jpeg)

Last waterfall on Madams

Detail Trip Report  Last waterfall on Madams  Madams Creek, WV(19.56KB .jpeg)

Madams Creek waterfall

Detail Trip Report  Madams Creek waterfall  Madams Creek, WV(41.51KB .jpeg)

End of Killing Spree

Detail Trip Report  End of Killing Spree  Madams Creek, WV(44.99KB .jpeg)

Killing Spree

Detail Trip Report  Killing Spree  Madams Creek, WV(42.48KB .jpeg)

First Waterfall on Madams

Detail Trip Report  First Waterfall on Madams  Madams Creek, WV(43.31KB .jpeg)

Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

This gauge is located on a downstream tributary of the New River and is just for a guide. The best way to guage this creek is to drive to its bridge and look at the waterfall. If water covers the whole lip from bank to bank then it is running.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03185000 5.20 - 7.20 ft III+(IV) 01h04m 2.42 ft (too low)

RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
5.20 -7.20 ft barely runnable-high runnable III+(IV)

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When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
> 10 years Madams Creek [WV] Last waterfall on Madams at flood stage. Flood Adam Lewis
> 10 years Madams Creek [WV] First Waterfall on Madams low - unrunnable Adam Lewis
> 10 years Madams Creek [WV] Madams Creek waterfall medum high Adam Lewis



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September 15 2007 (4143 days ago)
Adam LewisDetails
From: Dave Hersman Several people I paddled with ran it in the early nineties (some in open boats!)
and I suspect it was first run in the 70s.

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