De Roche Creek - Hwy 283 to Hwy 67 (4.4 miles)

De Roche Creek, Arkansas, US


Hwy 283 to Hwy 67 (4.4 miles)

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 5.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 20 fpm
Max Gradient 55 fpm

River Description

Beware of the low water bridge/dam at the rock quarry 2/3 of the way into the run. It comes below the first real rapid.

Most of the rapids are between the quarry bridge and the takeout. Some nice wavetrains to play on. The first couple of miles are flat moving water with some willows to dodge.

Higher water runs offer big waves and fast current with willow branches blocking some of the eddys.

Put-in: Can access from either Friendship (Exit 83) or Caddo Valley (Exit 78)from I-30 near Arkadelphia. From Friendship go West on Hwy 83 to Caney, follow Hwy 283 to the left (South) a couple miles to the bridge. Small parking area available on the South side of the bride. From Caddo Valley exit, go North on Hwy 7 for a couple miles and turn right (North) on Hwy 283.

Take-out: Hwy 67 bridge downstream (East) of I-30. From either exit, access Hwy 67 and park on the South side of the bridge. The take-out requires crossing part of a private field. Please be respectful to the property.

Alternate run is to put-in on Caney Creek at the Junction of Hwy 283 and 128 in Caney. This adds a couple miles to the run above the main rapids. Caney Creek is primarily flat moving water like DeRoche from Hwy 283 to the confluence with Caney.

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Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

Painted gauge on the Hwy 283 bridge.

Gauge levels are a rough guess

4-ft minimum

8-ft maximum

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October 10 2004 (5213 days ago)
Bryan DeLongDetails
Just ran De Roche today (10-9-04). It was a little low but the scenery was still beautiful. The
gate to the quarry which was locked a month or so ago has been jimmied open so thats where we put
in. Upon arrival we notice the culverts are completely log jammed which means the water upstream is
probably moving slower than usual. Maybe I'll be able to pull out some of the logs with my truck
when I get a chance. About .25 miles from the putin a large pine tree has fallen across the creek
making it neccesary to portage. After that though the creek is a pretty good run. Just watch out
for the cow patties at the takeout.
August 13 2004 (5271 days ago)
Bryan PinnellDetails
the guage on hwy 283 can be a little off. there are a few creeks between there and the rock quarry
that can pump up the volume a lot, especially during spring and summer thunderstorms. the rock
quarry gate has been open to put in there most of the year (2004) be freindly so we don't ruin this

Rapid Descriptions

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 Hwy 283 to Hwy 67 (4.4 miles), De Roche Creek Arkansas, US (mobile)