South - GA 81 to Snapping Shoals Creek

South, Georgia, US


GA 81 to Snapping Shoals Creek

Usual Difficulty III (for normal flows)
Length 0.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 60 fpm
Max Gradient 60 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02204070 200 - 10000 cfs III 00h38m 350 cfs (running)
Upper limit for best boatability uncertain. Please help your fellow boaters with a comment or report.

River Description

The South River is one of the most polluted rivers in the metro Atlanta area. At one point the flow was 90% sewer water. This might have improved but the stream still smells terrible. This run is a short section of the South that has easy access to some interesting shoals. The rapids known as Snapping Shoals are straight forward but become dangerous at high water. The first river feature is a small low-head dam almost immediately past the put in. I ran this at low water with no problem as it is very shallow and no hole could develop. The rest of the run is nothing but whitewater down to the confluence of Snapping Shoals Creek. Paddle a few yard up the creek to the road access and takeout.

StreamTeam Status: Not Verified
Last Updated: 2005-12-29 00:07:01

Rapid Descriptions

icon of message No rapids entered. If you know names, and locations of the rapids please contact and advise the StreamTeam member for this run.

User Comments

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November 15 2011 (2584 days ago)
x (1)
How could any of this be bteter stated? It couldn't.
October 2 2009 (3358 days ago)
gary debacherDetails
October 1, '09. The Klondike gauge is apparently jammed with sand or something after the floods. It
has leveled off at about 300, but the South doesn't hold at 300 at any time of the year. Use visual
inspection until you see the gauge is functioning below 300.
February 7 2008 (3961 days ago)
Tommy ModeDetails
My friends and I love that sweet brown water of the "DirtySouth" , we just can't get enough of that
brown stuff .Yeah we made several runs again on 2-2-08 Mark Savell, Kyle Blanset, and myself. I am
still trying to figure out the gauge since it is 31 miles upstream @ Klondike Rd. and two creeks
with considerable amounts of flow dump into the South River downstream of the gauge (Big Cotton
Indian and Walnut). With that said I would guess the flow would have been around 2600 cfs since the
gauge peaked @ 2000 cfs 31 miles upstream 18hrs earlier and a conservative guess of 600 cfs for the
additional flow of the two creeks downstream of the gauge (no math was used in this guess) At
higher flows (2000+) a center channel opens and is a safer option than river left and if you choose
to go down the right side watch for wood and hold on .
February 7 2008 (3961 days ago)
Tommy ModeDetails
Whaaatt......ok 12-30-07 this is how you bring in the new year 2400 cfs on the "Dirty South" what
you know about that........ I know all about that. My friend Mark Savell and I started the days
festivaties 31 miles upstream at Klondike rd. this is where the gague is located and this is also
where we put in and floated a 1/2 mile to Albert Shoals a set of class III bedrock ledges that are
not mentioned in this rivers description at higher flows this rapid is dangerous with a big pour
over ledge on river right there is some wood in this rapid as well so beware and scout this dogger.
My friend Mark made a nice recovery right above the pour over which saved him from a nasty swim.
Don't run this one without scouting. We did one run on Albert Shoals then we took out on river left
and hiked back to the put-in .Then we headed for Snapping Shoals where things looked way bigger
than my previous runs which were at lower flows.We did two runs here, the first run we went over
the dam in the middle of the river and made our way river left becarefull on the left side the
current is strong and the river is shallow I rolled here and lost some meat off my knuckles. Our
next run we went over the dam on river left and worked our way to river right where things tend to
get hairy at high flows and this one has a hole I found this out the hard way , just a little swim
only 200' in the "Dirty South" what you know about that.... I know all about that......Special
Thanks to Mark Harris for taking the pictures and videos they will be posted soon
November 28 2007 (4032 days ago)
Tommy ModeDetails
I did a solo run on this river yesterday and it was my second time doing this run and lets just say
it was trying to say the least, it started with me locking my keys in the car to me sliding down a
muddy slope with my boat on my shoulder,oh yeah and a seal launch from the bank that resulted in an
entanglement with some nasty water weeds.Both of my runs were probably at minimum suggested level
around 280 cfs. yesterdays run probably closer to 320 cfs this is hard to determine since the gauge
is way upstream at Klondike rd . After putting in at the SR81 bridge it is a short paddle to the
low head dam where the fun begins, I know the water quality of this river unfortunately is not the
greatest and can be down right nasty but I think this run is worth it and I was just enjoying being
on the water and this is the closest run to my house. The low-head dam can be ran river middle or
river left with a good boof, the left side has a strainer (big log) and a huge undercut concrete
slab to deal with just below the dam but can be ran . I prefer middle river because the shoal
rapids below the dam are better and more playful here. After the rapids below the dam the river
widens and multiple routes are available I prefer river left as it is more accomidating to lower
flow runs. I imagine at higher flows some of these rapids could double their intensity. No
Tresspassing signs plague both sides of the river on this short run so be careful of where you park
and take out.

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