Flatrock - Old U.S. Hwy 421 to Conns Creek (6.8 miles)

Flatrock, Indiana, US


Old U.S. Hwy 421 to Conns Creek (6.8 miles) (Flatrock River at St. Paul)

Usual Difficulty I(III) (varies with level)
Length 6.8 Miles
Avg. Gradient 7 fpm
Max Gradient 10 fpm

Flatrock surfing

Flatrock surfing
Photo by Denny Wortman taken 05/10/09 @ 550

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03363500 200 - 1500 cfs I-II 01h12m 742 cfs (running)
Sweet level. Very playable. Gauge (303 sq.mi. drainage) is midway on reach, thus very accurately portrays actual flow.

River Description

The flat shelved rock (for which the river is named) creates hydraulic jumps that are a blast. At the lower discharges it should afford many surfing opportunities. At the larger levels, a thrill but probably not technically challenging.

One report forwarded to AW includes descriptions of being in troughs that "I could not see out of and at least one haystack that I avoided that was probably 7-8 feet tall."

Benjamin Swain provides (2008-04-07):
We put in at the Hidden Paradise campground just outside St Paul, rather than the old 421 bridge. A fun beginner river, some good surfing waves.

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Rapid Descriptions

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April 11 2011 (2843 days ago)
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Ran on 3-18-2010 at 750 CFS. A few playspots downstream of Hidden Paradise CG. Put in at 421
Bridge. Out at Conns Creek. Not extremely quick current at this level and waves were such could be
run Open Canoe without flotation. Would prefer to run over 1,000 CFS. Talked to some locals who
also preferred at higher levels. Ran on 4/10/2010 at 1000-1100 cfs. I agree with all of these
statements. The most fun rapids are just after the bridges at the tri-lake/Hidden Paradise
campground section of the river. The last 20 minutes before the take-out at River Road were super
flat/smooth and relaxing. Not a good river level for beginners who have never paddled whitewater
before--we had 5 canoes and 4 flipped at some point--some more than once.