Mill Creek (Lewis County) - West Lowville to Lowville

Mill Creek (Lewis County), New York, US


West Lowville to Lowville

Usual Difficulty IV-V (for normal flows)
Length 4 Miles
Avg. Gradient 100 fpm
Max Gradient 200 fpm

Shallow Boof

Shallow Boof
Photo of Ron Turney by Jim Dobbins taken 04/06/08 @ Low

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04256000 800 - 2000 cfs IV-V 41d21h15m 42.5 cfs (too low)

River Description

One of the best, and most fun creeks in the east. The run is fast and shallow with endless slides. The difficulty of this run rises with the water level. At high water there are some bad holes and the chances  of being pushed into drops blind (already pretty good)becomes a certainty. At higher water expect partial strainers.

The section under Rte. 12 has a hole that becomes retentive at high water. Swims on this creek do not end well and the rapid will appear without warning so be sure to scout from the bridge on your way to the put in. Same goes for the section in town.

Scouting once you are on the river is often impossible and is usually dangerous. Keep alert for trees. If you can't easily scout a drop it is usually best to charge down the center. This is no place for someone who can't reliably roll and punch big holes. Swimming would be a brutal experience, likely to include lost gear and possibly a trip to the ER in Lowville.

The waterfall in town is run down the center. If there isn't enough water to run the center of the town drop then the run is lower runnable or unrunnable.


Watertown Area Reaches:

Black River (Rt. 3 Wave)       Black River (Watertown to Brownville)      

Black Creek                            Deer River (Section 1)      

Deer River (Section 2)           Roaring Brook (Brokeback Gorge)   

Salmon River (Section 1)      Salmon River (Section 2)      

Sandy Creek                            South Sandy Creek (Section 1)      

South Sandy Creek (Section 2)             Mad River     

Mill Creek                                  Negro Brook



Tug Hill - Old Forge Area Reaches

Beaver (1. Moshier)                               Beaver (2. Eagle)                                 Beaver (3. Taylorville)

Black (1.)                                                Black (2.)                                             Black (3.)

Black (4.)                                                Black (5.)                                             Black, S. Branch

Cincinnati Creek                                     Crystal Creek                                       Deer River (Section 1)

Deer River (Section 2)                        Fish Creek, E. Branch                          Independence River (1. Upper) 

Independence River (2. Main)               Indian (S.Br. Moose trib.)                     Little Black Creek

Little Woodhull Creek                             Mad River                                           Mill Creek 

Mohawk (1.)                                           Moose (1. Middle)                                Moose (2. Lower) 

Moose (3. Bottom)                                 Moose, Middle Branch                          Moose, S. Branch (1.)  

Moose, S. Branch (2.)                            Negro Brook                                       Otter Creek  

Roaring Brook (Brokeback Gorge)    West Canada Creek (1.)                      West Canada Creek (2. Ohio Gorge) 

West Canada Creek, S. Branch                Woodhull Creek (Upper)                     Woodhull Creek (Middle) 

Woodhull Creek (Miracle Mile)


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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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March 21 2011 (2863 days ago)
Robert FarmerDetails
Before you put in, scout the crux rapid from the highway bridge. I would call it solid Class 5, not
4-5, but it has been a while since I was there. Also scout the final waterfall just downstream of
the final (State St?) bridge before putting in. You may have to climb up on a wall to see it. It's
a double-boof to the right. Once you put in, there's not much point in trying to stop. I remember
running an enormous (30-50 feet?) slide without scouting, because stopping was impossible.
Fortunately, it was wide and clean. A great, if brief, run!
October 18 2010 (3017 days ago)
Mark ZakDetails
ran it on 10-18-10... totally clean of wood, which of course can change. great run though
May 18 2009 (3535 days ago)
Eric AdsitDetails
I have painted a line at the Gordan Road put in bridge. At minimum flows, a white line is visible
at water level on the downstream river right corner of the bridge. Contact with
any questions or for a visual.
December 18 2008 (3687 days ago)
x (1)
team mm ran the falls in town last week.. if u run it left ur getting flipped into the wall..nicest
line was center of first boof ledge, then work ur way center left.. if u dont there is a ledge that
sticks out about 2 feet. and it will catch ur stern,, have fun
November 11 2006 (4455 days ago)
!!! WARNING !!!! The tributary to the south coming down off of tug hill and coming into the main
flow after the big drop by the cemetery now has THREE SEPARATE STRANDS of barbed wire crossing it.
The first is approximately 15 feet past the second bridge. Another 40-60 past that is the second
strand. The third strand is where the 'original' strand (listed below) is: ~50 feet past the old
steel bridge (past 2nd bridge). All are roughly at head height at medium flow levels. Be careful so
they don't catch you by surprise. Questions, call: 315-767-1628. MH
April 9 2005 (5035 days ago)
Corey ZeiglerDetails
!!WARNING!! The tributary to the south coming down off of tug hill and coming into the main flow
after the big drop by the cemetery has barbed wire strung across it. It is located just after the
2nd bridge. There is an old steel bridge just past the 2nd road bridge and it is ~50 feet past that
and 2' above the water at medium to high flow. It can still be run, but caution is required. Call
me for more info.

(315) 543-7130