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Difficulty I-III
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7 years ago

Lower water levels is a bad idea for the lower section. Big drops into rocks and what I would call solid IV's based on what passes for III's in this area. Constant II's for 4 hours, broken by some III's and with 3 major rapids mentioned above - one at the beginning, middle, and end. High water only in my opinion.

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10 years ago

Pedlar below 130 needs 100 cfs for good class 3 surfing...class 3's are in first mile and are obstructed by rock gardens w/ dead ends. Take first river right, second and third river left; otherwise, flow will dead end into either huge rocks or strainers. Last three miles are mainly class 2+ w/ good surfing above 100 cfs. (min = 70 cfs or 130 footing)

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11 years ago

The lower section is great, but it is short,1.5 hrs as I remember it. I did this section many times with my wife (tandem canoe). The drops just keep coming. The water has to be above the footer on the 130 bridge. Put in at the 130 bridge/takout at the 650 bridge just before the James. Good parking. Howard Sinclair

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16 years ago

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Re: Pedlar River Info. <VA> by vakayaker Oct 03 2003, 22:25 GMT New
Date: Oct 03 2003, 22:51 GMT
From: ForwardBias m

According to VA Whitewater there are two sections

Class: 2-3
Distance: 8
Forest Service Road 39 which comes off Route 60 4 miles east of Buena Vista. Says it's not well marked and can be rough.

Take Out:
At the Bridge where 610 crosses the River

Doesn't sound too bad, from what the book says, just ledges, rocks and gravel beds. Pretty consistent class 2 broken by class 3s.

Second Trip:
Class: 2-4
Dist: 9

At 610

Take Out:
Route 650 bridge

Sounds a good bit harder, describes a 5-6 foot waterfall and a final set of two ledges just before take out that are 5-6 foot drops each. The book recommends careful scouting.

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