Fox Creek - Near Mouth of Wilson

Fox Creek, Virginia, US


Near Mouth of Wilson

Usual Difficulty I (for normal flows)

River Description

From: BoaterTalk
Date: Oct 13 2003, 19:36 GMT

Fox creek only has three real rapids. The first is super sketcy and really not all that exiting exept for the mega-dangerous rock/undercut on the left. The second is a great slide/multi drop combo. The 3rd is decent but always full of wood.

Local fisherman covet this section, so we've never bothered to clean up the deadfall -- it's not really worth pissing off all the anglers to run the one good rapid in the middle. Besides, if Fox is running strong so is Big Wilson, and it is far superior.

Rob T

Note: Lat/Long are guesses.

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Rapid Descriptions

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November 17 2009 (3318 days ago)
x (1)
I have run Fox Ck downstream from Troutdale to what i think is Rt. 677 in 1996 when the SF Holston
@ Damascus was running 3200 cfs. It starts off slow but picks up to steady III III+. There were
seven portages due to wood. The volume nearly doubles after Laurel ck joins in at which point Fox
ck was running about 500 cfs. There were many posted signs but no fisherman. It was 32 degrees with
a foot of snow on the ground which made boat dragging easy.

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