Stone's Creek - Small Dam to Pleasant Green Dam on Eno River

Stone's Creek, North Carolina, US


Small Dam to Pleasant Green Dam on Eno River (Park & Huck Spot)

Usual Difficulty IV+ (for normal flows)
Length 0.08 Miles
Avg. Gradient 200 fpm
Max Gradient 200 fpm

Stone's Creek

Stone's Creek
Photo of Stephen Strange by Ronald Strange taken 03/31/03

River Description

Local “park-n-huck” novelty spot when there’s LOTS of water around. This is probably the steepest individual drop in the Triangle.

Directions: Going South (West) on 85 take exit 170. At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Pleasant Green Rd. About ½ mile down on the left is the Pleasant Green Access to the Eno R.

Put-in/Take-out: It enters the Eno R. about 75 yds above the Pleasant Green Dam. To run Stone’s Creek, you park at the Pleasant Green access parking lot (on Pleasant Green Rd.), and walk up the trail next to the fence about 100 yds. Put-in below the small dam under the bridge (watch out for the hydraulic), enjoy the next 3 minutes of fun, and take out on the Eno, on river right, before you go over the dam. Repeat as desired.

I suggested the name “Joe Deppe Falls” for the main drop after a local paddler and State Park Ranger. But I have been informed that it has been known as "420 Falls" due to other activities which tend to occur nearby.

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Last Updated: 2006-01-20 01:37:13


Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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January 27 2005 (4868 days ago)
Stephen StrangeDetails
Sunshine is only about 20 feet of downriver travel, and probably 40 feet of total distance from
start to finish, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve it's V+ rating. This is only one drop,
but the bedrock is nasty, there is piton potential,and (with enough water to run it) there is a
little bit of lead-in to be negotiated. While one might argue that it only deserves a IV, it
certainly isn't a III, no matter how short it is. Of course all of this does seem like a lot of
description for something which is really only a nearby novelty and not a real run.
March 21 2004 (5180 days ago)
Max JonesDetails
I can't believe that made it onto AW. I ran that back when I was in highschool in Durham around 96
and I was told that it had been previously run before that. From the pictures it looks like you
guys caught it with more water, but with the exception of some sharp rocks (i'm pretty sure the
channel was blasted out to make drainage for the pond) I dunno about the IV+ rating, its only 30 ft
of whitewater. I guess if you're in the triangle its worth checking out but it needs a good bit of
rain. The spot was a hang out for highschoolers and known as 420 Falls when I was around.

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