Soak Creek - Dirt road, off Jewitt Rd to Piney River

Soak Creek, Tennessee, US


Dirt road, off Jewitt Rd to Piney River

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)

A calm scenic spot on Soak Creek

A calm scenic spot on Soak Creek
Photo by Kevin Colburn @ low runnable level

River Description

Soak Creek is a scenic class III stream that can be run by itself but is more typically accessed via the much more challenging Stinging Fork or Little Piney Creek beginning at Piney Falls, Grandview TN. Soak is a remote and fun stream with good water quality, limited access, and the towering cliff bands and side waterfalls that define the streams of the Plateau. The Cumberland Trail parallels the river at times and a mix of state and private land border the stream. Soak Creek is Tennessee's newest state Scenic River thanks to efforts of landowners and supportive organizations (including American Whitewater).  

At low flows expect lots of busy Class II and III- rapids with a couple technical solid Class III rapids. There are also a few really nice play waves for spins etc.  At higher flows when Stinging Fork or Little Piney Creek are optimum, many rapids on Soak Creek reportedly wash out and make for a simpler descent. 


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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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September 13 2018 (125 days ago)
mjackson8 (156896)
Ran this out of Dunlap Creek when Piney was at ~6.5ft. Felt fluffy. Thought we were gonna just have
a flushed-out ride out but it was actually really fun
May 5 2015 (1352 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
4/21/15 We putin at bubbas with G and CT in mini, Jared and Eli in grabner, and John H in a kayak.
G got into his canoe at the beach after the confluence with Piney falls creek. The creek was low
but we all made it down without much dragging except for the second strainer rapid which we ran
down the middle then portaged to the right of the trees in the flow. Beautiful bluffs, clear water
and class 3 to 3+ rapids, this is a great run. The level on the piney was 1.5 ft and the rock in
the middle of the soak confluence had 1.5 ft sticking out of the water.
April 17 2015 (1370 days ago)
simonkrzych (155765)
4/15/15 Piney gauge read just under 2 ft. On Soak at the confluence there is a rock in the center
of the river and one just up on river right side, this one on rr needs to be under water for a hike
up run. G, Eli, CT and Orlando, in canoes. We hiked up the trail beside Soak. The path is good and
flat, we putin at the confluence of Piney falls creek and Soak. Its about a mile paddle out with a
handfull of class 2-3 rapids. There were lots of Trillium flowers blooming along the trail and it
was quite scenic. Estimates for a run from the top are that piney should read 2.5+ ft and the rock
in the center of Soak confluence should have just a bit of it still dry.
February 23 2004 (5441 days ago)
Ted HayesDetails
class III-IV
Dirt road, off Jewitt Rd to Piney River

One decent boulder garden section towards the end, not much else.