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Difficulty IV
Length 2 Miles
Flow Range 6.00 - 10.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 2 hours ago 1.51 [FT] ℹ️
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River Description

With headwaters in the Eastern High Peaks of the Adirondacks, between Macomb Mountain and South Dix, West Mill Brook is a small, steep creek. The higher you go, the steeper and smaller it'll be.
From a comment:
We ran this stream 4/20/08 when the Ausable was at 6.1 feet. It is a 2-mile hike in and needs to be thoroughly scouted, with many strainers along the run. There are a couple of class-IV drops at the top of the runnable section followed by boulder fields that can only be run at high levels. We spent an entire day scouting and hiking for about 30 minutes of paddling. The lower section under the Northway is class I-II but many portages. Almost the entire run is on private property. We obtained permission from the owners first. Todd, Bret, Chad and Shawn Jorgensen ran the creek but all were bruised at the end. Other than the long hike, strainers, pricker bushes, and shallow runouts after the 2 significant drops it was a pleasure.




Eastern Adirondacks Reaches

Ausable, E. Branch                             Ausable, W. Branch (1.)                  Ausable, W. Branch (2.)                     Balm of Gilead Brook 

Boquet (2.)                                         Boquet (3.)                                        Boquet, N. Branch                           Boquet, S. Branch   

Boreas (1.)                                         Branch, The (Boquet trib.)                 Branch, The (Schroon trib.)               Cedar (1.) 

Cedar (2.)                                          Cold                                                   Deer Creek (Hudson Trib.)                Glen Creek

Hague Brook                                     Hudson (0.)                                         Hudson (1. Indian River to North River)             Hudson (2. North River to Riparius)

Hudson (3. Riparius to the Glen)         Indian (Hudson trib.)                         John's Brook                                     La Chute 

Mettawee                                          Mill Creek (Essex County)                    Mill Creek (Hudson trib.)                   North Creek 

Pike Brook                                         Poultney                                            Putnam Creek                                   Raquette (1.) 

Rock River                                         Schroon (North Hudson to Schroon Falls)            Schroon (Starbuckville to Riverbank)     Schroon (Warrensburg to Thurman Station)

Squaw Brook                                      Styles Brook                                     Thirteenth Brook                                Trout brook (Schroon trib)                    

West Mill Brook

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Directions Description

Take Northway exit 29 and head right to Rt. 9.  Take Rt. 9 north for 5.5 miles to the Dix Mountain access road.  You will need to park at the stream crossing during flood stages and walk the 2 miles up to the top of the access road.  This is an easment across private land.  Follow the trail past the 2 gates to put in below the 10 foot drop which is not runable. 

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Mark Singleton

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of protecting the Black and Moose rivers!  View an online video documentary on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played in protecting this amazing river.


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