Cadron Creek, Middle Fork - Highway 356 to Highway 124 (6.4 miles)

Cadron Creek, Middle Fork, Arkansas, US


Highway 356 to Highway 124 (6.4 miles)

Usual Difficulty I(II) (for normal flows)
Length 6.4 Miles
Max Gradient 15 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Cadron Creek near Guy, AR
usgs-07261000 3.00 - 7.00 ft I(II) 00h15m 3.06 ft (running)

River Description

This run starts out simply enough as a slowly meandering dirt-banked stream. Soon the trees arch over the creek as the steady stream moves you with little effort through the tunnel of green. There is little evidence of man's intrusion. Foremost are the lonely remnants of an old steam-fired lumber mill. Raised concrete slabs where the boiler sat are surrounded by large stacks of white oak timber, now nearly hidden by tall grass and brush.  The only other signs of civilization include an old metal bridge (1.1 mile) and a very nice riverside home (4.0 mile).

Midway there are a couple of longer pools that give one a chance to take note of the wildlife.  Skirting White Oak Mountain a few bluffs flank the river and the stream makes a hard left turn, picks up speed and comes just shy of offering a couple spots to play/surf. A high bluff with an open-face cave, forms a rounded wall at a tight bend in the river, known as Round Hole. This is said to be one of deepest holes on the Middle Fork and it certainly looks bottomless.

From there the pace is a fairly steady Class I+ ride to the confluence with the North Fork (5.1 mile) where it slows down again before one final wave train offers one of the best playspots on the run. A couple of hundred yards later is the take-out on river right.

Summary: A nice recreational adventure offering gentle moving water, a near-wilderness experience, and plenty of wildlife.

Landmarks: At 4.4 miles Addler Creek enters from river left.

Difficulty: Some strainers may exist at higher water levels (5-7 feet).

Shuttle: From put-in at the NW corner of the Highway 356 bridge north of Quitman go south, turn right onto Highway 25 in Quitman, take first right on Highway 124 to the take-out on SW corner of Highway 124 bridge. Shuttle is approx. 5.5 miles.

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Rapid Descriptions

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