Twelvemile Creek - Liberty Hwy to SC 137

Twelvemile Creek, South Carolina, US


Liberty Hwy to SC 137 (12 Mile River)

Usual Difficulty I-II (varies with level)
Length 5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 15 fpm

Leaving the Dam

Leaving the Dam
Photo of Matt by Joey taken 02/15/06 @ 210 cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02186000 300 - 2000 cfs I-II 01h13m 268 cfs (too low)

River Description

This upper section of the 12 Mile Creek is a fairly relaxed paddle. A couple rapids on this section will come alive during real high water. There is one 15' dam located just above SC 137 which can be easily portaged on the right. This dam services the Easley Central Water District. 

Double Drop at high water floods the island in the middle below the rapid, and makes some extremely sticky holes at the base on both sides of the island where it is normally a small drop.

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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
1.5Surf SpotsIPlayspot Photo
2.5Double DropII+Waterfall Playspot Photo
4.4Easley Central Water District DamN/APortage Hazard Photo

Rapid Descriptions

Surf Spots (Class I, Mile 1.5)

Surf Spot

Surf Spot
Photo of JP by Joey taken 09/23/09

One of a half dozen or so small ledges on this river section which can form play spots if there's enough water.  500cfs.

Double Drop (Class II+, Mile 2.5)

Double Drop

Double Drop
Photo of Joey by JP taken 09/23/09

A river wide ledge with a double drop on river left as the main line. There are many other possible routes, the ledge is wide and an island is right below the ledge - you can run either side of the island. The hole at the bottom of the double drop will get fairly nasty when the river goes into flood stage.  Pictured at 500cfs.

Easley Central Water District Dam (Class N/A, Mile 4.4)

Easley Central Water District Dam

Easley Central Water District Dam
Photo of Matt by Joey taken 02/15/06 @ 210 cfs

User Comments

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November 18 2014 (1461 days ago)
smartrack (157006)
The Easley Central Water District (ECWD) has provided free, unpatrolled public day parking for
paddlers and anglers just off Norris Hwy (SC Route 137) on river right just above the highway river
crossing. The area affords above-the-ECWD dam (up river) paddlers a take-out parking spot and
whitewater (down river) an easy off-highway shoulder put-in.
May 5 2011 (2753 days ago)
12MileBlueway (152933)
Portage for Easley Water District Dam is easy but on the right hand side of the dam.

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