Des Moines - Breens (PnP)

Des Moines, Iowa, US


Breens (PnP)

Usual Difficulty III (for normal flows)
Length 0.01 Miles
Avg. Gradient 6 fpm
Max Gradient 6 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Des Moines River at Fort Dodge, IA
usgs-05480500 500 - 7000 cfs III 35d11h27m 2330 cfs (running)
Best flows for whitewater. (Do you have info on these flows? Add a comment or report!) Gauge (4190 sq.mi. drainage) lies just under 5 miles downstream, so should quite accurately reflect actual flows here.

River Description

The feature is formed by a 90 ft long ledge on river left with an eddy on the left. It has a slight "smile" with the river right half angling slightly downstream. The left half is more perpendicular to the current. At 4000 cfs we were able to ferry over to mid feature and drop into the hole from the downstream side. At this level the hole is about 2' deep measured from the top of the foam pile and 4' from the top of the ledge with a wide trough.

From the center to surfer's right, the hole is moderately sticky. A static side surf here will take some effort to get out. One can easily ender out or exit upside down.

It's a fast, bouncy ride but too shallow for cartwheels or loops. With higher water these moves may become possible.

To Get There:
Head north on Hwy.169 from Hwy.20 to Co. D-14 north of Ft Dodge. Head east on D-14 and turn left on the dirt road just before crossing the Des Moines R. In a couple blocks there'll be a pull-out in the trees next to the river. Paddle upstream a couple hundred yards.

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Breens (Class N/A)

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September 15 2004 (5237 days ago)
Matthew StakerDetails
This is a great little stretch for several reasons, due to the rocky river bottom, the water is
unusually clean for Iowa and it is fairly swift... that couple hundred yard paddle can take a while
fighting the current. It is also an excellent location for getting newbies into moving water to
practive ferrying and catching eddies... many opportunities are provided here. A great precursor to
something that requires some minor technical skills... This is deffinately a spot that I would take
would-be newcommers to practice a bit.