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Difficulty I-II
Length 1.25 Miles
Gauge Comal Rv at New Braunfels, TX
Flow Range 200 - 550 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 24 minutes ago 334 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 07/04/2015 6:00 pm

River Description

In the summer, the Comal River is usually packed with tubers (especially if the nearby Guadalupe River is too low or too high for tubing), but in the winter, the Comal is a decent run for beginners if nothing else is running.  Because it is spring-fed, it maintains generally between 150-300 cfs of flow year-round and is usually crystal-clear.

The only features on the Comal are three dams (one significant dam and two low-head dams-- see descriptions below.)

Paddlers will often ride the Comal out into the Lower Guadalupe and take out at the public boat ramp under I-35.  This makes the total trip 2.5 miles instead of 1.25.  If you choose to do this, however, please be aware of the large dam at Milltown, right above the Faust St. bridge.  If the Guadalupe is running at full release (5000 cfs, and possibly at lower flows as well), that dam is potentially deadly.  At lower levels, it can be run at river right.

Above Prince Solms Park, you can paddle 1/2 mile upstream into what used to be the Dry Comal Creek channel, all the way to the Wurstfest fairgrounds.  Adjacent to the fairgrounds is "Landa Falls", part of a hydroelectric bypass channel that routes a good portion of the water from Comal Springs into Dry Comal Creek.  The rest of the flow goes down the "traditional" Comal River channel, past the old section of Der Schlitterbahn, before confluencing at Prince Solms Park.

Distances measured using GIS tools in 2015.  Gradient estimated (not verified.)

Rapid Descriptions

Clemens Dam / Tube Chute

Class - II+ Mile - 0.07
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

The first and tallest of the three dams on the Comal is located just below Prince Solms Park.  This dam is not runnable, but a narrow, steep concrete tube chute at river right offers a momentary thrill for paddlers.  Because the chute re-enters the river at a 90-degree angle, it creates some interesting whirlpools and eddies below the dam.  A lifeguard is generally stationed there between May and September during tubing hours, and "hard boats" are not allowed down the chute at those times (meaning that boaters will have to portage.)

San Antonio St. Dam

Class - II Mile - 0.15
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This low-head dam, just above San Antonio St., has very little to offer paddlers.  It has a tube bypass at river left, but the dam itself is generally runnable as well.

Schlitterbahn Dam

Class - II Mile - 0.5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

This low-head dam, located adjacent to the new section of Der Schlitterbahn (water park), forms a small wave train at river left.


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6 years ago

This gauge is misnamed. It should be "Comal River", not "Panther Canyon". Panther Canyon is a normally dry canyon above Comal Springs, the source of the Comal River. When it receives rain, the canyon creek flows into Landa Lake and eventually into the river, but it is not part of the river. The gauge in question is located a couple of miles away from Panther Canyon, downstream near the dam at the Prince Solms tube chute.

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11 years ago

and if you count Landa Falls, it would be a III

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11 years ago

(III) denotes that in certain conditions this river could be a class III. For instance high water causing strainers could bump a rapid to III. Its unforseen hazards.

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11 years ago

class III? where? certianly cant be the toob chute.

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12 years ago

we run tube shoot all the time in winter months and haven't seen anyone there we put in park just above tube shoot,super fun @550cfs wave train goes all the way across and down far side .

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12 years ago

We ran the Comal at 438cfs and the ledge and wave train were completely washed out. Only the tube chute was fun (and it was great-), however you run the risk of receiving a ticket for taking a boat down the chute. The bottom of the chute provides excellent eddy turn and jet ferry practice in highly pushy, turbulent water.

Gage Descriptions

Gauge is at the San Antonio St. bridge (below the second dam.)

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

No Accident Reports



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County to Vote to Extend Closure on Guadalupe Tonight (TX)

Jason Robertson

The Comal County Commissioner's Court is taking measures that will restrict access to the Guadalupe River indefinitely. AW's primary objective on the Guadalupe is to restore access as soon as possible and to make sure that boater access does not impede on-going rescue and recovery efforts.



Robert Hall


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