Little Fiery Gizzard Creek - Into Big Fiery Gizzard Creek

Little Fiery Gizzard Creek, Tennessee, US


Into Big Fiery Gizzard Creek

Usual Difficulty III-IV (for normal flows)
Length 0.85 Miles

River Description

Put-in and take-out uncertain.

From Matt Horton 2004-04-22
A tributary of [Big Fiery Gizzard}, this was done in a first descent by group of Sewanee boaters, Hoke, Chase Millner, and Bert Harris, and I think some guy named Victor Stein.

The creek runs in right above Monkey (on Big Fiery Gizzard Creek).

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Last Updated: 2004-07-22 16:06:56


Rapid Descriptions

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April 23 2006 (4441 days ago)
Doug CameronDetails
Actually, Steve Puckette, Van Nall, and I ran it in January of (I think) 1980. Soon after, Carrie
Ashton ran it with some students. We all carried "The Monkey" just below the confluence
of Big and Little Gizzard, but students regularly run it now that the hemlock trunk does not block
the drop. We started just below the picnic shelter and took out at the natural gas crossing below
Sycamore Falls. It goes underground soon after that. Needs to be caught just after a heavy winter

Lower Fiery Gizzard (in the valley below the old trout farm) has also been run several times by
Sewanee students. It's Class I-II with strainers here and there, depending on level.

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