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Difficulty III-IV
Length Miles
Gauge Muddy Creek near Portersville, PA
Flow Range 250 - 1000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 1 hour ago 321 [CFS] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 06/20/2018 2:32 pm

River Description

Possibly the coolest creek I have seen for scenery. Obstacles include rollercoaster tracks and bridges.
For Slip locals, this creek is within close proximity, and the legality, while not certain, has not been a problem like it has on Muddy Creek. Plus, as one of the pictures shows, some of the drops are right at bridges, making multiple runs possible.

Dave Woten wrote:

We parked in the park and quickly ran to scout. Boats were unloaded, camera set, and we began to huck. We were a little nervous because it was posted "no trespassing." We were not sure if they were covering liability or seriously enforcing this post. We slid down a little cascade then off the big drop just above the roller coaster pilings. Craig Wood ran it, I ran it, then Craig went back for more. We loaded and drove down the street to change (deciding to leave the scene of the crime quickly). This was on 4/4/2000. Slippery Rock was above 5'. I believe this drop would be runnable anytime the Slip shoots up several (3 or more) feet or surpasses 5'. I opted to land just to the left of the mushroom because I didn't ever see it dry to know what caused it. A week or 2 before we ran it, it was measured with a throw rope at 22'-23'.

As for the creek running, my guess is that it runs maybe 4-5 times a year--either with an epic fall/summer rain, like Hurricane Ivan, or during spring snowmelt following a rainstorm with a few inches of rain. Based on my assumptions of gauge correlations with Muddy Creek and Slippery Rock, the Muddy gauge needs to be at 250 and rising. It has done this maybe 5-10 times within the last two years, you can check that out at the USGS site.

Good luck, and if you get any more beta let me know, I'll add it to the site.


Lat/longitude coords of the putin are a very rough guess. Anyone who has better beta on this run (such as, the name of the road that the putin is on): please add a comment to help us out!


For info on the park that this crick runs through, click here.

Rapid Descriptions


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13 years ago

From Rich Yester: By the way, Big Run near New Castle is finally listed. I think that I was the second or third to run the big falls. That's the one on Thunderballs that we call Big Beaver Falls. First decent was made by Craig Wood. He's the one who told me about it, but since has hurt his back and I don't believe that he boats any longer.

Gage Descriptions

Gauge is on a steam of similiar size and drainage about 15 miles away. Muddy should be be rising when read.

Another gauge is the slip gauge at wurtemburg, which should be rising and near 5' according to Dave Woten.

Check out that gauge here:

Also, another source can be the AFWS, use Butler and Venango County to see how heavy the rain is hitting.

Directions Description

We have no additional detail on this route. Use the map below to calculate how to arrive to the main town from your zipcode.

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Army Corps Study Threatens Lehigh River Boating

Bob Nasdor

Paddlers on the Lehigh River below the Francis E. Walter Dam and Reservoir are concerned that a planned study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its partners, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection will lead to a reduction in whitewater boating opportunities on the Lehigh. The study will evaluate the feasibility of various alternatives to optimize project operation. Aside from the project's authorized primary missions of flood risk management and recreation, the study will also consider water supply and water quality, to identify possible improvements to the existing structure, infrastructure, and operations that will support current and future demands within the region. The Army Corps is holding a public meeting on January 9, 2020 at the Mountain Laurel Resort in White Haven, PA from 6-8 p.m. to explain the study and hear public comments. American Whitewater, Appalachian Mountain Club, and other organizations are expected to file comments with the Army Corps prior to the September 29th deadline in order to share our concerns about the study and potential impacts on boating, the outdoor recreation economy, and the Delaware RIver Basin. We encourage our members to attend the public meeting to voice their concerns.

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Pennsylvania Dam Removal Conference to be Held January 31st.

Kevin Colburn

There will be a one day conference on January 31st in eastern Pennsylvania that will address dam removal and rehabilitation in the state and region. It is likely that this very affordable conference would be helpful to paddlers interested in working on dam removal projects in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Registration for the conference is due by January 23rd.

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