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Difficulty III-IV(V)
Length 2 Miles
Gauge N/A
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Trip Report on low water run down Scott's Creek in WNC

From: BoaterTalk
Date: Oct 18 2004, 2:33 GMT
From: waterwagon

After an initial road scouting a friend and I decided to take a low water run down Scott's Creek in Jackson County, NC. I am sure this section has probably been run, but have never heard any locals talk about it. So after a short shuttle, we put onto the creek approximately a half mile above the first gorge. As the creek began to constrict the seemingly minimal water was sufficient enough to float without much scraping. As we rounded the first corner we were pleasantly suprised to see that the creek remained constricted with new horizon lines around each corner. Although the section we ran was fairly short, approximately 1.5 miles, it was packed with action. For the most part it was class 3-4 with at least one 5. There is some wood but with the exception of one rapid was mostly fairly benignly placed. All in all a great day despite the low water. This section would be a blast with just a little more water, very technical mostly boulder drops. The biggest drop is probably less than ten feet but all are very tight.

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Kevin Williams
12 years ago

Two of my friends and I ran this creek on Sat. April, 5th 2008. It was an exciting run. We were verry excited that there is a creek this close to WCU. It isnt extremly difficult I would say it is at the most a class 4 run. Scouting drops is mandatory for the large amounts of wood. The first thing you will notice is the trash all over the place. It seems that the local people just dump their garbage right on the banks of the creek. Maybe with a little help from local paddlers and organizations we could get this creek cleaned up. With all the wood cleaned out and trash gone this run would be amazing for locals. The run took us about and hour and a half.

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Thomas Williams
12 years ago

I have yet to run it, but my family does have a house up the road and I have spent some time both scouting and cleaning up Scotts Creek. Sadly, this creek is a local dumping site. During the summer of 2007 we, with help from Shane of the Dillsboro River Company, and WATR, pulled a lot of trash from the bank. We discovered general trash, paint, tires, tons of other crap, and the carcasses of two dead dogs. However we did not get all of the trash out of there and the creek still needs work. As of the Summer of 2007 the last rapid still has a log in the main drop. Its up to you whether or not its runnable. The rest of the creek seemed to be clear from the road, but, once again, it is up to your discretion to take notice of this when setting shuttle. The main page description of the creek is spot on - technical and very tight. I personally think this creek has the potential to be a great local run for those in Dillsboro and Sylva after some serious cleaning up.

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13 years ago

Whats up this is Steven Peoples I just wanted to comment that me and a few of my homies "Ryan, JayJay, and Daniel" recently went down to scotts creek to clear a nsaty little log jam in the mini gorge section of this creek along with a few others upstream. After about 5-6 hours of good work and a good low water run I must say that this creek has got some sweet boofs! Now ladies and gents fire id up!!!!

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A Close Look at Cheoah River Fatalities

Charlie Walbridge

The recent death of Chris Clark at Python Rapid on North Carolina's Cheoah River is the third at this site in the last six years. In each case, the person who died was an expert paddler and their paddling partners did not see exactly what happened. Let's take a close look at the Cheoah below Bear Creek Falls and develop strategies for future runs. The river here is very fast and continuous. After a fast lead-in (Chaos), the river drops over Bear Creek Falls, a 12' drop. Below, most of the flow pushes toward the river right channel (Python). Ferrying over to the easier river left channel (the West Prong) requires careful boat control. Python itself contains several nasty holes and sieves, with a bad hole blocked by a boulder at the bottom. There is a good route through it, but paddlers need to plan their route carefully. Scouting is a good idea for first timers, although catching eddies and getting out is not  going to be easy. Groups need to stay together.. The rapid is tough enough that you can't watch your buddy all the time, but you can be ready to help if needed. Click through for links to the accident reports, photos, and comments from expert Cheoah River paddlers. (Photo above by Boyd Ruppelt)


Matt Muir


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